So, right when I discovered this store my first reaction was ZOMGHOWDIDIMISSTHIS! Then I felt like buying half the store then realised my fiance would probably kick my ass so I settled for only buying half the store. Anyways, I went this morning to check if there was anything new and saw the owner putting out a new outfit. She was adorable and I felt creepy by watching her put up the new item and I almost hit the floor. It’s so freaking cute I just had to get it and well, my fiance gave me the lindens and I did. So, I creeped more and the store owner is really sweet and told me about the 50L outfit that I apparently didn’t realize that was there because I’m tired after a 12 hour shift and went crazy. Yes its bought and now owned by me. (IOWNEDTHATBITCH) So yeah, check out Tailleurs Putain. I’m blogging two of her outfits because I couldn’t decide on which one of hers to wear, and well the blue one is the new one and yeah the other one is adorable like the rest.


Skin – Illusory – Paige- Deep Tan- Stained A3
Shape- Mine
Eyes- Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Hair- Fri.day– Deena and Amelia
Tattoo- Ink’d Up– Blessed
Ear Gauges- Nox – Mauling Zebras
Collar- Fet!sh- Affectionate Flesh Collar- Black

Outfits- Tailleurs Putain– Thea and His Heart Baby Blue

Boots- Reek (First outfit) – Tailleurs Putain (Second Outfit)


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