So last night I put together an outfit. It wasn’t the normal Gorean wear, but I’m never one to wear all Gorean attire. My character is always breaking the rules, which is why she’s an outlaw. But while going on a raid, I was blue boxed and ‘reminded’ about the rule for free women and their attire. Just urks me that sims have this sort of rules that do not let people play their characters as they please. Also, if a sim owner doesn’t like that type of clothing, IM them personally and be a little bit more well nicer than blue boxing. Anyways, that’s my rant and here’s what I put together after I was rudely told to change.

Yes wearin’ Free Women clothing and rockin’-

Skin- LAQ – Vilda Mocha- Cleavage V2
Eyes- Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Shape- Mine
Hair- [e] – Details
Tattoos- Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Face Tattoo- Kyoot – Autumn Feline Makeup- Basic Black
Ear Gauges- Nox – Drag Queen

Collar- Rude – Viking Betty Necklace (Put the scripts from Fet!sh collar inside)
Scarf- NSD – Sfant Scarf – Black
Necklace- Pink Fuel – Bottle Charm Necklace
Gum- Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum

Vest- Boom – Mini Vest – Hot Pink
Turtleneck- Suicidal Unborn – Winty Dress – Black
Pants- Paperdoll – Classic Denim Flare – Black

Belt – Rude – Utility Belt
Feet- SLink – Barefeet Tiptoes

2 thoughts on “Pinky!

  1. I don’t think free women should be able to show as much skin as they think they can get away with nowadays. I also don’t like jeans/denim in Gor.

    It’s just… not Gorean.

    • Right, I know its getting more well known with the women wearing more reveling clothing. Especially outlaws and mambas, but it just comes down to peoples characters. Mine is constantly pushing the limits, especially to irk her family. Everyone has their own opinions about it. Only was saying what ticked me off was the fact I was blue boxed instead of personally IMed about the clothing I was wearing. And I do see what you’re saying about the jeans, there’s not many pant parts with good textures out there. I look at it as “use your imagination”. I never wear actual blue jeans, but wearing black pants or white pants which I have blogged you can take as being cloth pants rather then denim. But still difference of opinons, I don’t take things too seriously, just try to have fun out there in Gor since I’m not in BTB.

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