So this might look a little panther and I wasn’t going for that look. The look I was going for was…well I have no idea. Basically I saw this bear cloak and head gear and just came in my RL pants. So this is what I put with it. Yeah I thought long and hard, and ugh..ended up with a flower on my vag..

Wearin’ a Bear –

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Not So Elegant

Been working through bumps in the road lately. Nothing seems to be going right, and really been focusing on what makes me happy lately instead of always bending over backwards for people who don’t seem to care. I know life is a bitch, but shit happens. Soon I’ll get out of this rut, and be myself again. Decided to do something for me and blog and shit. Hope you enjoy it.

Feeling Un-Elegant In –

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So I’m up extremely early for some crazy ass fucked up reason. I couldn’t sleep. Would love to talk to my IC mother right now, but she’s at lame work. Ugh, anyways here’s an outfit I put together last night. And the new hur from [e]!

Up Early In –

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So purdy!

I was on Gen’s land, and I was like ZOMG THIS PLACE IS SO PURDY! So I had to take a picture to blog it. Any hoooo, hur it is. (And I know there’s grass prims going through my sleeves, but seriously I LOVE THIS SIM!)

Hangin’ Out In-

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Oh yeahhh

So Gen, myself, and some Haud peeps took over another sim today. It’s starting to be a trend, so watch your camps wisely. Told her I want do a blog on our outfits from last night so we switched it up a bit. Also I have added Gen to my blog so everyone formally meet Genevieve Werefox. WOOT WOOT! Anyways, here it is and shit yo.

On Harv –

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Whooooo Nakie!

So basically all night I hung out with the chicks from Haud Deus. Gotta love my Smalls and Gen <3. Well Gen and I decided we were going to naked raid, mamba style. The rule was to only wear a kilt, boots, and a bow. This is what we were both matching to the T. She logged too soon before I could get her in a blog picture but here ya go.

Skankin’ In-

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Just feel blah right now, kinda threw an outfit together. Sorta revealing, but what free women doesn’t show some skin sometimes. (And if I hear that someone is sick of that sort of thing in Gor because its -not Gorean- then please keep off my blog. I’m not in BTB, and don’t tell me every FW in non-BTB sims gets fully clothed everyday. It’s a game people, get a life. I accept all comments from people who are sweet and willing to write on my blog, but when your first comment and only comment is rude and belittling, you can go fuck yourself sweet heart.) Anyways, check check check it out.

Feeling Blah In-

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Herro thur. Been working the past 3 days, boo. Tired as shit, but decided to blog the outfit I’ve been wearing the past couple of days because I’d only log on for 30 minutes before going to work. I love this look. It really just looks comfortable to me, and kinda squishy. Rufus put these two outfits out a couple weeks ago, immediately bought them of course, and been mixing and matching them with different outfits.

Comfy In-

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