So I’m up extremely early for some crazy ass fucked up reason. I couldn’t sleep. Would love to talk to my IC mother right now, but she’s at lame work. Ugh, anyways here’s an outfit I put together last night. And the new hur from [e]!

Up Early In –

Skin- LAQ – Vilda Mocha- Cleavage V2
Eyes- Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Shape- Mine
Hair- [e] – Past
Tattoos- Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Ear Gauges- Nox – Black

Collar- Rude – Viking Betty Necklace (Put the scripts from Fet!sh collar inside)
Thigh Bands – Rude – Viking Betty Thigh Dagger
Belt – Rude – Utility Belt
Bracelet – Avoid – Box Bracelet

Top – Aura – Coming Undone Jersey Top – Cocoa
Suspenders – Aura – The Collector Outfit – Brown
Pants – paperdoll – Classic Denim Flare – Black

Feet- SLink– Barefeet Tiptoes

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