Still Geek’ed

MAY CAME OUT WITH A NEW OUTFIT!- Yes I needed to put that in caps because I felt like shouting. I put the new outfit together from May’s Soul with a bit of my own twist. And I kept my glasses on today, because well I freaking wanted too! ❤

Geek’ed In –

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Taste the Raindow Bitches!

When I saw this shirt I knew it was a had to have, so my outfit was based off of wearing the shirt. Threw somethings together and this is the outcome. I’m cracking up at the most retardness of Gor I’m wearing. Don’t hate bitches!

Tasting the Rainbow In –

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Lame Jane

So I finally went back to the store Jane the other night, and got all super jumpy excited when I saw some of her things were either for only 50L’s or for free. Y’all need to make a run for it over there, its pretty sweet. Especially ones in Gor, because the see through undershirts I got are VERY handy in Gor to put under different outfits. Anyways, here it is.

Lame Jane In –

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Oh Hai Karma!

Ran into a store yesterday that many know, picked up a couple things, but mostly fell in love with this outfit. I’ve been obsessed with sweater with prim hoods and bottoms lately and this hit the spot along with the cute bone belt. Anyways, y’all need to go check out the store Returned Karma if you haven’t done so already.

Karma In –

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Totally feel like a chick from the movie Highlander, or that one where they eat people. Can’t think of the name right now, but I’m looking pretty fierce. Anyways, did another blog with my man, hope y’all enjoy it.

Lookin’ Highlander In –

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Master and Slave.

Cruz wanted to do a blog with me so we threw something together. I had to dress him >.<, but yeah he wanted the slave look so I did just that. Even loved being raided right after getting done getting dressed. Damn raids. LOL

Master and Slave In –

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