We are ruh-tards…

We were bored and decided to blog together. He decided that he liked this outfit on me and I couldn’t change so basically its an entire blog dedicated to Rude Design. So, Rufus- be happy and shit! LOL.

Hanging out with Cruz in –

Cruz –

Skin- Belleza– Thomas Tan 2
Shape- His
Hair- Trailer Star– Mohawk- Black
Tattoo- V Tattoos– Army
Hair Base- V Tattoos

Necklace- Aitui (Possibly not sold anymore)

Entire Outfit- Rude – Kaos

Harv –

Skin- Curio – Yum – Acorn
Eyes- Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Shape- Mine
Hair- Magika – Ren
Tattoos- Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Ear Gauges- Nox – Black

Tongue – V – Tongue Action / Addict

Entire Outfit – Rude – Bone Hunter (Male’s Outfit)


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