I got the new Atrix 4G phone the other day, getting all kinds of apps like I had on my iPhone. Of course I had to get another Rick James soundboard app. All I gotta say is “DARKNESSSSS” LOOOL anyways, slapped together an outlaw outfit.

Darkness In –

Skin- Curio – Acorn – Pout – Tantrum
Eyes- Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Shape- Mine
Hair- [e] – Follow
Tattoos- Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Face Tattoo – Tuli – Rosy Cheeks
Ear Gauges- Nox – Black
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Collar – Rude – Collar
Necklace – Rude – Kaos
Armbands / Legbands / Boots – Rude – Shadow – Black
Bracers – Rude – Strapped – Male
Chest Strap – Rude– Strapped – Female
Belt – Rude – Utility Belt

Shirt – <Slut< – Lovely Top – Black
Pants – paperdoll – Classic Denim – Black


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