Pretty Butterflies!

Harriet put this outfit out the other night, and I almost passed out from the sight of it. Seriously, its fucking adorable. Especially the cute little butterfly on the nose. Another good point I want to add is, almost all items at Gor Gurls are either 75L or 100L’s. The only things that are not will be the new items like this butterfly outfit. Y’all run over there and support my sexy woman!

Pretty Butterflies In –

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Dark and Laid Back

When I logged on today, of course had to fucking character test. I’m really getting sick of that glitch. Its probably the worst glitch ever in SL. So I threw this outfit on then realized I might as well blog it. Also went to pick up the new hair from Magika. Go and get it, its so freaking cute.

Dark and Laid Back In –

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Class Act

Threw this outfit together last night. New top from Panda Express. I freaking love it. It also comes with a lace lining that you can either click on the menu to show or disappear. Hope y’all love the look.

Class Act In –

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And Now, Combat Mode.

Severed Garden’s new outfit here is fucking amazing. Got it the other day, but finally posting it since its my day off and I can finally do multiple posts in a day. I hope y’all like it.

And now, Combat Mode In –

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Tiddly Bits!

Oh yeah, lets the tiddly bits hang out. Or like Stiffler said in American Wedding “I’m gonna hang out with my wang out, and I’m gonna rock out with my cocks . OH YEAH that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” haha. Yes I’m retarded.

Tiddly Bits In –

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You Likey?

So I finally went out and got another Al Vulo skin. I’m so stuck on my Curio skin, that I’m not even sure if it looks right. If y’all don’t mind giving feed back and telling me you like it, that would be greatly appreciated!!!

You Likey In –

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Stealth Mode

Like Gen brought up when she saw this outfit. I look all like cute and shit from the front, but once I turn around I’m also crazy psycho brah! Got my leg daggers just to cut a bitch if they cross me the wrong way. This is the real deal brah.

Stealth Mode In –

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