I Dun Give A Fuck!

This is my outfit of a ‘I dun give a fuck’. Its skanky, its rad, its still sorta Gorean. But hey I had to get the damn dress, I love what it says. It’s fucking amazing! Check it out y’all!

I Dun Give A Fuck In –

Skin – Curio – Acorn – Meadow – Beetle 2
Eyes – Tyranny– Rock Your Eyes- Royal Pain
Shape – Mine
Hair – Action – Penny – Coal
Tattoos – Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Ear Gauges – Nox – Trollolol (On xstreet only)
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Armband / Belt / Leg Daggers – Rude – Shadow – Black
Bracers – Rude – Strapped – Male

Dress – Razorblade Jacket – Blogger Hell Dress
Underwear- Sassy Kitty Designs – Gacha Machine- Slide Em Off Panties – Zebra Black
Socks – Rude – Shadow Slave

Boots – Rude – Shadow


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