Bloody Mess

Hung out with some of the Warmog’s today. They are good peoples for sure. Especially since alot of my friends from Unknowns went there. Decided to dress some of the part today. Look so trashy, but little elegant! ❤

Bloody Mess In –

Skin – Curio – Acorn – PFJ – Dark (Project Fur Japan)
Eyes – Luck – EyeZ – The Thing
Shape – Mine
Hair – Truth – Pia – Night
Tattoos – Ink’d Up! – Blessed
Blood – Captive – Tribal Howl Outfit – Blood Splatter Tattoo Layer
Ear Gauges- Nox – Trollolol (On xstreet only)
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Armbands / Bracers – Rude – Strapped – Male
Chest Strap – Rude – Strapped  – Female (Modded off of the collar)
Belt – Rude – Utility Belt

Shirt – Suicidal Unborn – The Bloody Tank Top
Shorts – [NV] – Pantaka Psycho Blood Pants

Shoes – Rude – Klepto Stealth (modded darker)


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