Dress Down Tuesday

Went shopping with my friend Purg this morning, ran over to Ronsem and picked up these shorts finally. Yeah its not too Gorean but hell they are fucking cool as shit. Also threw it with a cute sports bra from Boom! Check it out…

Dress Down Tuesday In –

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Newww Karma!

So I started looking through my inventory for something to throw on for a quick blog before bed, and who then no other than Jada comes to my rescue! God she’s so freaking awesome! This top and shorts are to cream for, OH and they come in several different colors. Go pick them up like RIGHT FUCKING NOW! GO! Okay bye!

Newww Karma In –

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Oi Panther!

GSpot my love! Got passed a new panther outfit that Jalilah put out. The details are just amazing in each piece of prims and layer. Especially the under layer. I’m gonna have to figure out how I can get away with it on Harvest! Anyways, enjoy everyone!

Oi Panther In –

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Threw something together the other day, and I haven’t had the chance to blog it. Been crazy at work lately, and having to make some real big decisions. Screw RL! LOL Anyways, I really hope y’all enjoy this look. Just feels very relaxed.

Relaxed In –

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A Quickie.

Alright I did this one a little different again, yet again still trying to get the new hair that was released yesterday out for everyone to go run out and grab. I did two different outfits and only two different pictures. I hope y’all really enjoy. 😀

A Quickie In –

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Holy New Hair!

Okay so I’m literally working all weekend. Everyone put out new hair all in one day so I’m gonna kick my own ass to get them all out there for you guys. I had to put 2 different stores in this one blog just so I can catch myself up and get them out for y’all. I hope you guys enjoy em! ❤

Holy New Hair In –

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Headbands and Backpacks

Threw this outfit together last night with a couple of new items. New items from Luck, Suicidal Unborn, and MIEL. I also got alot more stuff after I got this outfit together so I’ll hopefully get another post in before I run off for work tonight. ❤

Headbands and Backpacks In –

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Let’s Go OOC!

Been OOC with my man all night. It has sucked being away from him for 2 weeks on a shitty laptop with no webcam. Seriously made me a sad panda, so we’ve been OOC all night taking pictures and just plain hanging out until bed time. I love this man to pieces, and of course for the rest of our lives. <3333 (I did do this post a little different. I’ll post each picture separately with the details on my own outfit only. If you want to know anything about what Cruz is wearing, look at any of my previous notices with him in it, if its clothing the just shoot me an IM and I’ll give you the details! <3)

Let’s Go OOC In –

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