Knocked the FUCK out

Yes, I have a shiner on my eye. It was RPed, EPICALLY. LOL, anyways, I just want to add that this is my 110th post on my blog. I’m gonna go ahead and congratulate myself now randomly because I’m proud of myself to sticking to something for once. But most importantly I do this for y’all keep you updating with new items and such. So, I would like to go ahead and say THANK YOU so much for all of you who keep checking out my blog and supporting me in everything I do on here. I couldn’t do it without y’all! ❤

Knocked the FUCK out In –

Skin –  Curio – Acorn – Battle Royale – Shiner
Eyes – Luck – EyeZ – The Thing
Shape – Mine
Hair – lamb – Wild Nothing – Ink
Arm Tattoos – Para Design – Vermin – Medium (Where Is.. Hunt)
Ear Gauges – Nox – Trollololol
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Armband / Belt – Rude – Haud Deus – Male
Bracer – Rude – Haud Deus – Female

Vest – Gor Gurls – Gor Goes Viking – Black
Shirt – Tailleurs Putain – Ash Camisk
Shorts – Rude – Haud Deus – Male

Boots – Rude – Swamprat V2 – Female


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