Sophisticated But Not Domesticated

Do not ask about the title, it just came to mind this early morning post. And you know, some people (I won’t put names here) say I don’t wear clothing. Well here is a post for those that don’t think its possible. (But I’ll insert name here – Niv – )

Sophisticated But Not Domesticated In –

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The Gardens..

Yes this is a different avie because I decided to do this outfit on my slave alt. I am really in love with this outfit, I’ve been on this avie all day because of it. Seriously, you hot slaves out there need to go get this outfit, like NOW!

The Gardens In –

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Knick Knack

So my friend Chad reminded me of the store Knick Knack that has some really good free woman and slave clothing for the real Gor peoples. We hopped over there, and she came out with this one outfit called Emma where you can buy mix and match tops/skirts/shrugs. Of course I didn’t get the skirt, but the shrug and shirt were just adorable. So if y’all are really into the whole lets look like the rest of Gor population, head on over there. I’m kidding, no there’s really good clothing there, and I approve of dressing like a free woman! haha

Knick Knack In –

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Free Woman?

Yes, I’m wearing an outfit that is not showing my ass crack! Anddd YES I’m showing my lower stomach and cleavage. Goooooo evolved Gor! Haha and yes I decided to blog the same hair that I did before, but that’s okay.

Free Woman In –

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The Wait Is Over!!!

Seriously have been waiting what seems to be for fucking ever for Pink Fuel’s new skin line Elly to come out! I wasn’t able to pick it up until now because fucking working this entire weekend and yesterday I wasn’t able to log on at all because of RL stuff! So here is her skin with also new sandals from Maitreya which I just had to go pick up too! ❤

The Wait Is Over In –

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I Made A Mess!

I’m trying to bring some funny roleplay to the camp, so today I slapped on a bloody tattoo and I’m running around hugging everyone to get some posts in the land with eachother. So I hope y’all enjoy the look!

I Made A Mess In –

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