NOT Red Silk

Okay so basically I was wearing this outfit last night. I got capped at Spirits because apparently they don’t like you just walking into their fort. Anyways, I was then sailed and given over to some dude over at HTH. He kept saying just because I’m wearing this red shirt that I’m a red silk pleasure slut. My god my arguments with him felt like I was talking to a wall. Moral of the story is, I will not wear red around HTH again. kthanks.

NOT Red Silk In –

Skin – Curio – Acorn – Pout -Tantrum 2 – Dark – Frex
Eyes – Luck – EyeZ – The Thing
Shape – Mine
Hair – Truth – Emily – Night
Face Paint – Sorry Asia – Dirty Face – Red
Tattoo – [EY:NO] – I Love My Boobs!
Ear Gauges – Nox – Black
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Bracers – Rude – Strapped – Male
Belt – Rude – Strapped – Female
Leg Daggers – Rude – Shadow – Black

Belt Layer – League – Vintage Chiffon Belt – Black
Shirt – Atomic – Zebra Attack – Red
Pants – Luck – Leatherpants – Low Cut – Plain

Boots – Rude – Strapped – Female

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