Mamba Slutty

NEW Dress from Linc!!! Seriously fuckin’ sexy. This is one of the two styles CK put out. I’ll put the other style out soon. Run over and go get it all you mamba’s and sluts. They are so fuckin’ worth it. ❤

Mamba Slutty In –

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The Man

And the legend? Maybe just a little bit, I won’t give up his secret. Another post with my RL man, I modded his shape a bit a while ago gave him new hair and pants and WHALA we have a sexy sexy man! I also jumped on the bandwagon getting The Body Co skin. Don’t know how it looks, but please give me some feedback!

The Man In –

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Oi Oi Oi Oi

Another new outfit for you guys, this one is a free outfit (obviously). The belt is by a very very sweet creator Candela Kira who contacted me about blogging her items. This is the first of many. Check out her shop Runaway.

Oi Oi Oi Oi In –

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It’s Friday!

Well its sorta Saturday, but it was just Friday because FLF was out! I tried to put together a Gorean outfit for all the items -but- I may have failed. Anyways, here’s some of the new stuffies, try to go get and get them. Hopefully they are still out since I took so long to post!

It’s Friday In –

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Bell Bottoms

Seriously love these pants for Gor. They are so cute and just are fun looking. Yeah my crack is showing, but fuck it. Oh and along with some cleavage, but I’ve been really good lately! Along with this new outfit Curio has out two new skin lines!

Bell Bottoms In –

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