Sad News

Okay so most know by now, but for those who don’t, Grixdale is closing. Yes, my favorite store of all time is shutting their doors. Tyr and I talked for a while last night, and I completely understand where she’s coming from on why she’s wanting to close but please everyone understand that she still has her other store Aura where she will be releasing more items and I’ll of course be blogging those items. But right now there’s a closing sale at Grixdale. This entire post is dedicated to a store creator that I truly look up to in game being probably the most down to Earth individuals I’ve ever met through an online setting. She also pretty much knows what I’m going through with our SL/RL situations being around the same. I would appreciate everyone to please go by Grixdale, and pick up all of her wonderful items she has made for us if you don’t already have them. Hell make sure you get them on your alts too! And just so you know she will be closing it August 31st. I’m trying to do my best on putting my feelings on Tyr into this post to the best of my ability from only getting a few hours of sleep so I may be updating this later along with doing the credits on the posts, but every piece of clothing that I blogged are all Grixdale items. On that note, rush over to the store, don’t be shy, and I wish Tyr all the best of luck with Aura. I love ya chica. ❤


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