Your Own Style

So its Halloween, this is pretty much what I threw together to celebrate this holiday! I know its some things that I’ve blogged before, but its all good. Different looks with different outfits = win. Also I just want to say really quick, everyone has their own style. Everyone has it in them to be able to put their own items together. I love my blog, I adore the shit out of it. I made it so Gorean’s would know that its not all about slapping some kilts and long sleeves together to run around in. The only other thing I ask for is some respect. Some know what I’m talking about and I won’t get into it but yeah, ❤ here’s another LOTD.

Your Own Style In –

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My Perfect Wardrobe!

It’s that time again! Perfect Wardrobe starts with a new theme here on Monday! Here are just only a few of items that will be out for the event. This one is named MUSIC!! ❤

My Perfect Wardrobe In –

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Touch My GSpot!

Okay SO! Huge huge HUGE news. Another new outfit from GSpot. No you’re not dreaming, this is fucking real. I’m seriously all giddy over this and the last outfit Jalilah came out with. I love prim skirts, and the ones she’s doing are so freakin’ detailed and amazing I just can’t contain myself. Literally this outfit has been out for maybe an hour so y’all better get your asses out there and pick it up! I did all three looks – slave, free woman, and modest free woman!

Touch My GSpot In –

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