New Camp New Hugs

Yup! I quit Brethren, blah. But joined Forsaken which so far are a group of good peeps. Especially my bestie, one who has been there for me through alot of shit in this silly game. Even before my RL husband. Burnt mother fucking Blinker <3.

Also SIXTY NINE is closing. I KNOW, my heart broke too. All color packs are 150L. Go NAO!

 New Camp New Hugs In –

Skin – Curio – Acorn – PFJ – Dark – Frex
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Frozen Silver
Shape – Mine
Hair – Sixty Nine – Jessica 2 – Noir
Chest Tattoo – Bullwinkle – Stay Classy
Arm Tattoos – Para Design – Vermin – Medium (Where Is.. Hunt)
Stomach Tattoo – Bullwinkle – Moves Like Jagger
Ear Piercings – Francinati0n – Swirlset
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Collar – Ha! – Bright Studded – Black
Belt – Rude – Utility Belt
Leg Straps – Primus – Sleipnir Blowgun

Sweater – [NV] – Nervo Sweater  – Black
Underwear – Boom – My Milkshake – Pure

Socks – Maitreya – Scrunched Prim Socks


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