My Favorite

Song right now…I’ve already posted on it.. ya know… LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It. WELP [Genre] did a damn tank top on it, and OF COURSE I had to get that shit. NO it’s not Gorean, BUT its fucking sexy and its cool as shit. GTFO. šŸ˜€

My Favorite In –

Skin ā€“ Rehab ā€“ Jovana ā€“ Tan ā€“ Two
Eyes ā€“ Poetic Eyes ā€“ Classic ā€“ Frozen Silver
Shape ā€“ Mine
Hair ā€“ Magika ā€“ TwentyFour – Mirrored
Eyeshadow ā€“ Damned ā€“ Tribal Make Up
Chest Tattoo –Ā Aitui ā€“ Breast of Roses
Arm Tattoos ā€“ Para Design ā€“ Vermin ā€“ Medium (Where Is.. Hunt)
Leg Tattoo –Ā KHUSH ā€“ Laced Up Tattoo (<333)
Ear Piercings ā€“ Francinati0n ā€“ Swirlset
Eyelashes ā€“ Redgrave ā€“ Black Darling

Bow ā€“ Milk Motion ā€“ My Huge Bow Headband (Old FLF Item)
Collar ā€“ EA Apparel ā€“ Hueso Collar
Cuffs ā€“ EA Apparel ā€“ Brown Leather
Belt ā€“ Primus ā€“ Sleipnir Blowgun

Top – [GENRE] – Sexy And I Know It – Grey

Boots – Death Row Designs – Lazy – Regular Brown

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