My Christmas

This is a huge post on Christmas with a ton of great items for you to run around to show off the spirit of the holidays or even items you can buy for others as presents! The items listed from The Black Market will be transferable for the present items! Enjoy!! ❤

My Christmas In –

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Yush, another urban picture because I got these boots today and seriously….SERIOUSLY they are da sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am in love with them, even if I can’t wear them in the Gor scene. Oh and by the way I appreciate everyone who looks at my blog. I am not one of them, ya know. :DDD

Heels In –

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I am soooooooooooooooooooo fuckin’ stoked that Firestorm FINALLY works for me. God its like heaven to me right now, I can wear as many tattoos layers I want, I can rock the hot mesh shit. So today I decided to do an urban look with my girl Audrina from Crack Den. This chick has been helping me with the new viewer since I never did the whole Viewer 2 thing. Anyways, here’s our urban look of the day! ❤

I Have Mesh In –

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Winter Wonderland Pt 2

Here’s another outfit from Perfect Wardrobe! I really hope you enjoy it, the hooves comes with 2 different styles with two different colors. Hooves are either black or brown, ribbon puffs comes in black or brown, and it also comes in non hooves version like leg warmers! Gotta love Epic! ❤

Winter Wonderland Pt 2 In –

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The Chills With PW

Another edition of Perfect Wardrobe is out NOW! I’m sorry I didn’t put out my look sooner because I was working all night, but here is my first outfit from the event. Alot of great winter items are out for your buying pleasure. ❤

The Chills With PW In –

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Oh My GSpot

Another wonderful creation from GSpot is out for you all to purchase! Seriously love how Jalilah always puts together an outfit and makes sure to do one for slave and free woman. Here’s my LOTD!! ❤

Oh My GSpot In –

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(Edited since first posted)

There are a TON of sales! Here is the starting line up – Black Friday Sale at Aitui, Boom, Pididdle and other great stores at the Existence – Hide and Seek – and Aitui sim. Their sale is 60% off today 40% tomorrow and Sunday is 25%. Hurry and get there today to get the best percentage!!

SKIN Black Friday Sale going on for stores that participate in Skin Addict. Just add yourself to the group and venture yourself over to stores like Pink Fuel, Belleza, or Lara Hurley and receive a percentage off of certain skin lines.

Also sale today for Medley who is doing 50% off.

Bellballs has their sale from Black Friday but going until Sunday with items from 50L to 100L’s.

And then Aura and Illusory are having a Black Friday sale 50 – 70% at their sim.

Next sale is going to be The Warehouse sale – has so many designers from Armidi, The Boutique, The Body Co, Naughty. Get the LM and join the group TheWareHouse in world which is free.

Another is KHUSH who is closing her store =/ Items are 50% off.

Group SALE! Join Glitterati group VIP which has ALOT of great items that are sent out periodically for only 100L, but only until Sunday is it cheap then it goes back up to 500L.

The last I want to talk about is Plastik. She is having a huge sale on all of her items due to her computer breakin’ and needing the cash to repair it! So! All in all – go get to shopping NAO!

Sales In –

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Pirate Booty

So I had these boots for a bit and decided to put together a pirate outfit to go with it. Again already having parts of this outfit my man put on his Sea Dawg along with me and BAM a bunch of sexiness on one page! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy our look of the day!! <33 OH! And Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Pirate Booty In –

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So I TPed over to Ebon to take pictures at their beautiful sim and I was immediately attached to Muh Squishy who was about 100 meters away since he logged last night without detaching. Anyways, it took him 10 minutes to unleash me and when he did he wanted to do a post with me, so this is the product of that. ❤

Muh Squishy In –

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