Super Karma

New outfits from Returned Karma. I miss my chica Jada and her wonderful creations. I have this outfit and another one to put up for you guys so make sure to check back on the newest outfits she has come out with! ❤

Super Karma In –

Skin – Rehab – Jovana – Tan – Two
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Frozen Silver
Shape – Mine
Hair – [e] – Break – Black 04 (Modded Darker)
Ear Piercings – Francinati0n – Swirlset
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Black Darling

Bracelet – League – Wanderer Jewelry Set – Golden Oak
Leg Straps – Primus – Sleipnir Blowgun

Outfit – Returned Karma – Pumpkin Kirtle – Brown

Feet – Maitreya – Bare Feet – Tip Toe

4 thoughts on “Super Karma

  1. k so.. Let’s try this again. haha.. I guess my cousin’s account was logged in when I posted.. Hopefully she doesn’t really look at comments much. 🙂
    *will the real Karma, please stand up?*
    Awesome post and thanks a ton Lark an Harv! :/ We need a shoppers anonymous club.

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