Cuddle Me Up

I am in love with these sweaters. Some great rigged mesh by Maitreya.

Also this belt by GSpot is mesh, that goes with the skirt and a top with a belt top.

The last thing I want to quickly talk about is an apology on how slow I have been this holiday season on getting posts out there. I have been -extremely- busy IRL with family and dealing with immigration. I apologize to all the designers who have sent me items and how slow I have been on them. Alot of things IRL are on my plate right now and I am doing my damn best to get things out there. Please don’t take any offense to me not doing my hardest. Things will slow down after this weekend. And with that being said I will be gone starting tomorrow because I am going on a New Years cruise with the family to the Bahamas! I will be back Monday to rock some blogs for all you cuties out there! I do appreciate everyone designers/critics/followers for everything you have done for me this year. I love you all and everyone have a great New Year! <333

Cuddle Me Up In –

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Cold Gear

Decided to do another OOC post because I’ve been wanting to wear jeans in SL since I’ve been wearing shit like this IRL lately. It got cold FINALLY today. It feels soooo nice and I want it to last even though I leave for a cruise on Friday! hahaha.

But anyways, the backpack is fucking ADORABLE. Epic came out with this monkey backpack for Grenade Wednesday only going for 39L’s. She is coming out with more colors which will be in a gatcha machine for the Black Market!

Cold Gear In –

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Spotted Fun!

I’ve had this outfit sitting in my inventory for a while, been waiting for a moment to be able to throw it out there since I’ve had so many other things been going on. I’m now able to do it because I can’t sleep. My dog keeps chewing and keeping me up all night long, thank god I’m on vacation though so sleep isn’t something I gotta have! Anyways, enjoy this outfit. Just a bunch of Leopard-ness! ❤

Leopard Fun In –

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Hello Jane

Still have a mesh obsession just like the rest of SL. Jane has really one of the best mesh selections for the cute adorable look. This outfit of course you Gorean’s know can go for a free outfit by throwing a tank top underneath the shirt, covering the stomach region, or even one that covers the chest. Loving the greens in this outfit. Enjoy girlies. ❤

Hello Jane In –

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Yes another Christmas post, but who can go wrong with it since its like what? Christmas Evie Eve right now! LOL, I won’t be posting much this weekend due to the holiday and I work the entire weekend, so this might be the last! Anyways, Suicidal Unborn came out with this sexy skirt that is free within her main store! Cynful has two free sweaters one I featured here in her store group! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys the most of what they want for this holiday! <333

Freebies In –

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So Pepper put out an entire outfit on the marketplace only for 250L’s. It’s only there for the holidays, and is awesome for a gift or just for an outfit you can get for an alt that you don’t have outfitted yet. I know this comes with jeans and you Gorean’s out there can’t wear them, but of course the rest can be used with some leggings you know you have in your inventory already! Soo, enjoyy! ❤

Outfitted In –

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Best Wishes!

Decided to kill two birds with one stone. No, not literally. This is another Christmas clothes post with mine and my RL husband’s Christmas card! We really do wish everyone their best on these holidays! We are doing our best with the immigration crap we have had to go through BUT the best news came today and my husband is able to go on our family New Year’s cruise SO we will not be here next weekend!! Anyways I love you all and enjoy our post!! <33

Best Wishes In –


Skin – Curio – Sundust – Sweetheart– Light – Beguiling
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Frozen Silver
Shape – Mine
Hair – – Yelena – Startled White
Freckles – LAQ – Freckles & Beauty Marks – Freckles 02
Red Cheeks – Izzie’s – Redness Tattoo (Old Perfect Wardrobe)
Chest Tattoo – Aitui – Haters Make Me Famous
Leg Tattoo – Aitui – Rat Barbers
Fingernails – * RezIpsa Loc * – Black & Neon – Black and White
Ear Gauges – Aitui – Human Type 3 Stretched Ears – Spiral
Facial Piercing – .Pekka. – Fidelity
Teeth – Medley – Prim Teef (New)
Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.06

Necklace – Izzie’s – Christmas Necklace – Gingerbread Star Necklace (New)
Rings – LEO-NT – Little Elf Girl Rings

Sweater – Izzie’s – Winter Sweater – Red
Pants – Celoe – Nikola Trousers – Pitch (New)

Boots – Death Row Designs – Bound Chained Boots – Black (New)


Skin – Belleza – Thomas – Tan – 2
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Surf Glass
Shape – His
Hair – Raw House – Flatliner – Black 01
Ear Gauges – Aitui – Human Type 3 Stretched Ears –Twist
Tattoo – V Tattoos – Army
Hair Base – V Tattoos

Watch – Blitzed – Legacy Watch – Black
Brass Knuckle – Epic Arsenal – Mesh – Black (10L Special)

Shirt – Hoorenbeek – Military Shirt – Mesh – Black
Pants & Boots – Deco – Mesh – Tucked Fatigues & Boots – Black

Us Cuties!

I adore this chick right here, she’s so cute. Who wouldn’t want to do blog posts with her? Especially because she has a great fashion sense! Anyways, we bumped into eachother going to get some new items at the Lelutka sim for Mon Tissu and Celoe! Gotta love meshhhhhh. We are both in LOVE with these sweaters, they are perfection! Along with the pants she’s sporting and I decided on these cute bell bottom pants from [NV]! Also a great bag from Sweet Leonard that is a hunt item! You just can’t go wrong with these items. Of course the outfit I’m sporting you can definitely get away with in Gor if you add a tank top to over the stomach! So, here it is!

Us Cuties In –

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Greens and Reds

IRL I am actually really buh-humbug, but in SL I look like I’m all in the Christmas spirit. Here is a new outfit for y’all. The boots are only 99L’s, the hair is for the With Love (Again) hunt for 10L’s and the backpack is a group gift from Severed Gardens! Enjoy! ❤

Greens and Reds In –

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My Blue’s

NEW OUTFIT FROM GSPOT! Yes, I had to do that in caps because it looks AMAZING! Another great pack with a slave outfit that turns into a free woman’s outfit.

Also wearing the new skin from Curio called “Angel”. Its so flawless and soft, I’m just in love with it!

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