Pink Over White

WOOOOT! Another cuteeeee outfit from GSpot! Another free woman or slave outfit that is just freakin’ adorable. Comes in 4 different colors – and is just awesome for some mixing and matching! I feel so cutesy in this look, and it also comes with prim socks which I tried to get in the picture but failed!

I’m still trying to get used to this viewer and I’m sorry I’m not getting the entire outfit in the picture! ALSO! Taking a poll since now I can get shadows. I want to know from y’all if you enjoy seeing the pictures like they were – bright and easy to see OR the new way which I am posting here with shadows and a different windlight! Pleaseeeee let me know either on Flickr, comment on here, or in IMs! Thanks! <3333

Pink Over White In –

Skin – Curio – Sundust – Sweetheart– Light – Jealous
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Frozen Silver
Shape – Mine
Hair – [e] – Quirky – White 05 (New)
Red Cheeks – Izzie’s – Redness Tattoo (Perfect Wardrobe)
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Elly Cosmetics – Honey – Doll Gloss – Hot Pink
Chest Tattoo – Aitui – Haters Make Me Famous
Fingernails – * RezIpsa Loc * – Black & Neon – Black & Pink
Leg Tattoo – Aitui – Rat Barbers
Ear Gauges – Aitui – Human Type 3 Stretched Ears – Spiral
Facial Piercing – .Pekka. – Fidelity
Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.06

Entire Outfit – GSpot – Winterwarm – Rose


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