Us Cuties!

I adore this chick right here, she’s so cute. Who wouldn’t want to do blog posts with her? Especially because she has a great fashion sense! Anyways, we bumped into eachother going to get some new items at the Lelutka sim for Mon Tissu and Celoe! Gotta love meshhhhhh. We are both in LOVE with these sweaters, they are perfection! Along with the pants she’s sporting and I decided on these cute bell bottom pants from [NV]! Also a great bag from Sweet Leonard that is a hunt item! You just can’t go wrong with these items. Of course the outfit I’m sporting you can definitely get away with in Gor if you add a tank top to over the stomach! So, here it is!

Us Cuties In –

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Greens and Reds

IRL I am actually really buh-humbug, but in SL I look like I’m all in the Christmas spirit. Here is a new outfit for y’all. The boots are only 99L’s, the hair is for the With Love (Again) hunt for 10L’s and the backpack is a group gift from Severed Gardens! Enjoy! ❤

Greens and Reds In –

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My Blue’s

NEW OUTFIT FROM GSPOT! Yes, I had to do that in caps because it looks AMAZING! Another great pack with a slave outfit that turns into a free woman’s outfit.

Also wearing the new skin from Curio called “Angel”. Its so flawless and soft, I’m just in love with it!

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Cynful Friendship!

So Kirsty wanted to do another blog post together with the new Cynful dresses that came out yesterday. I’ve been working so I was unable to get my post out yesterday but KIRSTY is slacking! ❤ Anyways new Cynful dress which comes in the short sleeve or long sleeve! Loveeeee this dress especially since I was already in love with the Zone Shirt that is like the dress! 😀

Cynful Friendship In –

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I was told to name this outfit Asstastic so I did. Fail on my part, anyways here is a great slave outfit for y’all. Also decided to get another Al Vulo skin, all my other ones were darker (bronze) and I wanted one of her light ones! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyyy! ❤

Asstastic In –

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Land Ahead!

New items from Tentacio that is just freakin’ amazing and affordable! This dress/shirt comes in 4 different designs each sold separately for 70L’s each! Hurry your little asses up and head over to the store girlies! ❤

Land Ahead In –

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I saw this dress come out yesterday and I just -had- to purchase it as quickly as possible. Of course waited for my hubby to give me the money. This is basically the slave outfit I put together. Simple but damn sexy! ❤

Slutkins In –

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