Cynful Friendship!

So Kirsty wanted to do another blog post together with the new Cynful dresses that came out yesterday. I’ve been working so I was unable to get my post out yesterday but KIRSTY is slacking! ❤ Anyways new Cynful dress which comes in the short sleeve or long sleeve! Loveeeee this dress especially since I was already in love with the Zone Shirt that is like the dress! 😀

Cynful Friendship In –

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I was told to name this outfit Asstastic so I did. Fail on my part, anyways here is a great slave outfit for y’all. Also decided to get another Al Vulo skin, all my other ones were darker (bronze) and I wanted one of her light ones! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyyy! ❤

Asstastic In –

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Land Ahead!

New items from Tentacio that is just freakin’ amazing and affordable! This dress/shirt comes in 4 different designs each sold separately for 70L’s each! Hurry your little asses up and head over to the store girlies! ❤

Land Ahead In –

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I saw this dress come out yesterday and I just -had- to purchase it as quickly as possible. Of course waited for my hubby to give me the money. This is basically the slave outfit I put together. Simple but damn sexy! ❤

Slutkins In –

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A bunch of stuff to talk about hur!

First is Izzie’s Limited Couture event item which is the shirt I’m wearing below! Also she came out with a new gatcha for long Christmas necklaces. They are sooo freakin’ amazing!

Epic is at the Naughty and Depraved Gatcha Street Fair where she has out these wings I’m sporting along with some horns!

Enjoy! ❤

Wings In –

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My Soul

Here’s a new outfit for May’s Soul! This outfit comes in three different color – black, brown, and green! They are so freakin’ sexy and can either be slave or panther outfit! ❤

My Soul In –

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Christmas Colors

Some more Christmas items for everyone!

Antlers are just amazing and come in 6 different colors!

The hooves are one of 4 different colors that are available from Epic for Grenade Free Wednesday! The other colors are black and grey, black and red, grey and red, and the one I’m wearing Christmas!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

Christmas Colors In –

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All Mesh

All the damn time now! Seriously loving mesh with a passion. I really don’t care if people can’t see me with it on, they should get damn mesh viewers FFS! So – my man got this shirt with some help from my girl Audrina and I went on a mesh shopping spree! I hope y’all enjoy this! And of course this is an urban look but you cuties know you can take pieces of these items and use it in Gor!!! ❤

All Mesh In –

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Your Karma

Another very very adorable outfit from Returned Karma. This entire outfit is for 25L Tuesday today! I really love how you can do many many things with this outfit. Take off the pants and be all slavey, or slap a long sleeve shirt underneath it for a free woman! Go run and get it lovers! ❤

Your Karma In –

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