Pumped Up Kicks

In love with this new tank top! Pumpkin came out with these new MESH tank tops which come in a couple different designs and some black with some white! Go check em out!

Also new hair from Exile. All three new hairs are MESH also and are just adorable.

Pumped Up Kicks In –

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EPOCH Legend

Okay! Now that I’m back from the movies with the husband I’m finally able to get this post out for you guys!

So freakin’ excited about this event for like ever! Its the EPOCH Legend event with 3 themes of Beast, Art of Escher, and Clowning! Beast was by far my favorite theme because it fits right into Gor with the items some of the designers put out! This is my outfit I put out for you Gorean lovers! I hope you enjoy and make sure you get your booties over there to check everything out! <33

EPOCH Legend In –

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Hey Skimpy Dress

This dress is a must have. Its from The Whore Mansion and its just whore tastic for you sluttes! Basically this is what I put with it, some old with some new. Love the new hair too! <33

Hey Skimpy Dress In –

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Nestle My Medley


A couple things I wanna talk about here. First is the DRESS from Nestle My Bosom which comes in a varity of colors. Such a lovely dress to wear alone or how I’d decided to pair it with these jeans from Medley. Bright right? HELL YEAH!

Secondly THIS SKIN! LAQ came out with a new skin line called Minna. I’m wearing it currently in Fair with the freckles tattoo layer and Pink Fuel lips. Just freakin’ amazing looking face. I don’t have the blonde eyebrows yet, but not sure if I want to even add them. Been wearing blonde eyebrows with my white hair, maybe a little feed back from y’all? Yes or no on blonde eyebrows or keep em brown?

And lastly this hair, one of 3 different hair styles from LeLutka. This one is MESH along with another hair style that she released. The other hair that I got also called Adele is not mesh, but is amazing all the same.


Nestle My Medley In –

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Poses Post #2

Okies! Second pose store I want to talk to you about is Bella’s store .evolve.! It is such a cuteeeeeeeeeee but then sexy store! Has a combination of both like from Kirsty. Just amazing quality with awesome pictures for customers to enjoy! I’m really happy to be able to show these poses to you guys and honored to be able to edit my heart in with the poses. (If that makes sense!?)


Missed You -Done by Me-

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Poses Post #1

My husband and myself went a little crazy on new poses that we had last night. We each took 3 pictures of 6 poses we took and edited them our own way. First store I’d like to talk about is my girl Kirsty’s store Rack Poses! I am totally in love what goes on in her mind like I’ve told y’all before and there are just examples of some of the poses you can find at BOTH of her LM’s. She has a naughty store along with a non-sexual store! Both are great and I’ll give you both LMs!

Rack Poses (PG Store)

Rack Poses (Adult Store!)

Taste You (New!) -Done by Cruz-

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My Religion

Was running from here and there with the bestie today looking for something for this shirt. Started with panties and ended up with this! Shirt is from Cynful which is their first MESH item. Comes in several different colors and patterns!

Also the paws are from Epic, will be available for 55L Friday! Will be in paws and hooves at the main store!

Enjoy!! ❤

My Religion In –

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My Favorite Mesh

I am in total love with this sweater. Its amazing and from Entente, and just like all the other items there you buy the sweater then get the texture packs separately. SOO many different packs to pick from with different styles and colors. I just went with plain because its easy to use for Gor.

Also I’ve always loved this skirt since I blogged a different color a month or so ago. Thought it’ll go great in Gor with some leggings underneath which is what I did here obviously! Coldlogic has some new items out, that I haven’t been able to blog yet, but I’ll get to it soon enough!

The boots are new from Death Row Design. Always love the style they come out with, amazing for men and women!

My Favorite Mesh In –

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Pink Chick

Felt very pink last night when I was putting this outfit together. The skirt is to die for, along with this body suit which is from Festival of Sin! Totally went buying insane in Addict! Love all of her items! Enjoy! <333

Pink Chick In –

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