Cozy Home

Went around a bunch of shops last night that I just haven’t been too in a while. Ducknipple was one, and I went hog wild. Got several different items from there to show you guys, along with going to Surf Couture and being like OH I HAVE THAT! Of course I usually blog Gorean stuff, but I wanted to put this together a bit urban because I wanted to wear these jean shorts. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy! <33

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Your Maid

Thanks to jillnarstrom I was able to locate this MESH skirt for you Gorean gals before time is up tomorrow since its only 25L’s!! 4 different colors, just a great item if you’re as MESH obsessed as I am! Also this new MESH top from AOHARU. I am in MESH heaven right now. <3333

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Ready For Battle

Love is a battlefield? Was just something I was throwing together, decided before I take it off I should go ahead and post it. Just a bunch of bits and pieces from here an there. Enjoy! ❤

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I’m Bonita

Soooo excited to tell you all about TWO new skins that are out right now! Izzie’s came out with these beauties, and on this post I’m doing the one called Bonita! She is SOOOO pretty! I didn’t do all the make ups, but I love how she made them into tattoo layers which will be easier then going through all the skins or just doing nude like I’m sporting! All the colors can be seen on her Flickr/Blog! Freakin’ adore this skin! ❤

Also new pants that I am in love with totally. Had to make my ass smaller – sad face – but they are amazing mesh! ❤

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Oh So Dom!

So the purdy BellaStarr Fhang was asking through Plurk (which I just joined today) about someone blogging with her. I was pretty bored and not RPing so I told her I’d take her up on that offer! I have always always loved her blog, she’s freakin’ cute as hell and I just couldn’t resist! So basically this is the outfit we decided on together. Hot right? Yup, just two sexy sexy girls! 😀 <333

Oh So Dom In –

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Blue Lamb

New hair from lamb.! Freakin’ loveee the one I’m wearing. Just one of the two new ones, and I got these awesome two toned pack! Not the usual color on me, but I wanted something different!

Also the outfit is a new one from Izzie’s for the Back to Black Event, along with the purse from Aura.

Blue Lamb In –

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Newness here! First will be the sweater that is from LooP! Love this MESH sweater that comes in 12 different colors and color changing undershirt! Such a great piece!

Also this MESH skirt is from SAKIDE! Of course the skirt comes in all different sizes with the alpha! Several different colors to come from.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Aura skin line that I just blogged earlier called Helena, but its the VIP gift! Tyr always amazes me with her lines. The shading and all the little marks on the skin are so cute. Love the lips on this one too! Also comes in a Paper tone that is limited for the VIP gift. Its one of her lightest tones!

Enjoys! <33

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