Blacked Out Gorean

So this dress is mesh and is from AOHARU. Its not just the dress part, but attached is the turtleneck long sleeves which is just amazing for Gor. Really love this outfit right here. Comes in several different colors, and I added the Maitreya new mesh leggings underneath it for you free women! I did have to fix my alpha layer on my neck – not sure if anyone else would have that issue. The hair is new from Truth and is half mesh. Obviously the part that comes down the back and boobs are mesh which is a separate attachment then the one on the head. Well I hope you enjoy! ❤

Blacked Out Gorean In –

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The Skirt Look

Newness from Magika with these cute pigtail look. Rigged mesh and has the duo pack with different colors that I’m sporting in the picture! Also new shirt and skirt. Shirt from Suicidal Unborn with several different designs along with skirt from Spirit that is mesh and also has a couple different colors. ❤

The Skirt Look In –

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Classy Hooker

I am a classy fucking hooker with some great threads to show y’all! First is this new cute hair from [e]. Its one of two, and really loving the detail on this! Also new tanktop that I’m wearing under the jacket from coldlogic. Many different colors and only 150L! Then comes this skirt from Maitreya that is new and has 3 different lengths. This is the shortest of them and seriously really sexy. Did I mention all mesh? Yup, all those items I just mentioned are mesh! ❤

Classy Hooker In –

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Hottie is Pink

HAI! Anyways, new mesh shirt from paper.doll. Freakin’ loveeee the different designs she came up with. Decided on this one even though I’m not even close to being egotistical or anything, just it had the color scheme! lawl. Also new pants that are mesh from Spirit. Mens and female sizes. Great texture along with different prints with dirty, clean, paint stains, etc. Seriously, love, mesh. ❤

Hottie is Pink In –

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My Brown Leggings

Hello all! I wanna speak to you allll about these great and amazing looking mesh leggings that are new and from Maitreya. Comes in either regular or with heels at the bottom. Love the textures and they sit very nicely on the hips. Obviously great for you Gorean lovers! <33

My Brown Leggings In –

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Zombie Killer?

Kinda digging this outfit right now. Even though wearing this new awesome graffiti belt from [ JP ]:dsg. is pretty badass. Maybe I just use the paint to mark the ones I shot in the head with these amazing guns my HUSBAND made for Bouncer’s poses that I’m rockin’! Totally feel badass in this post, really not gonna lie. Love all these new things that I have for you all and I hope you enjoy! ❤

Zombie Killer In –

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Long Boots

Oh hai! I know alot of new posts lately, but there’s so much good stuff releasing lately. These new boots are from Crazy and are just freakin’ hot! Soo sexy. I wasn’t sure that I can pull them in Gor, so another urban outfit for me!

Another new item I’m wearing is this mesh denim skirt from Loop. Comes in three different colors and all the sizes you need with the alphas! Enjoy! ❤ (Picture done a little differently because I was bored. lawl)

Long Boots In –

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Amazingness in Pants

Not a word, but that’s exactly who I feel about Tyr’s new mesh pants from Aura. (They aren’t exactly released yet! She will have them up soon once her internet stops being an asshat!) Just the great kind you girls want for Gor, goes with everything. I love how low cut she made them, just a peak of crack showing. Sooo many colors to choose from along with styles. Also has many sizes along with sizes to wear with either flats or heels. I really don’t think I’ll be taking these off for a while, most likely will see em alot lately on my blog! Enjoy! ❤

Amazingness in Pants In –

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Some Epic Maitreya

Two things to talk about here. FIRST! Its about this cute adorable looking mesh hoodie from Epic. Comes in several different colors. Love how its made with the wide collar and the front pocket. Had to pick a hair that was up to show off the cute happy face infront. Just made amazing.

Also these new jeansss from Maitreya! They are also mesh and are now my favorite mesh jeans. Have a great style, especially with the zipper at the bottom. I don’t mind that they are higher than I usually wear because the damn texture on these look really realistic to me. <33

Some Epic Maitreya In –

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Lazy Sunday’s

Sunday’s should always be lazy because I always need it before a Monday of work. Blah. So Cynful has her Eve’s skirt out in BLACK today for Lazy Sunday! I’ve loved these Eve skirts but now having it in black just goes with so many of my items. Lovin’ it.

Also this shirt is so cute and from Apple May Design. Go get it! Several different colors available.

So this will be my first post of these new amazing boots from Maitreya. Maitreya released a large amount of new mesh things yesterday and I’m just getting around to getting them out. These boots are just sex, either wear them sexy or with some jeans for lounging. <33

Lazy Sunday’s In –

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