Okay so, I got this awesome stuff from ONYX Wear the other day and I almost peed myself because it’s Blink 182!! I loveeee them soo freakin’ hard, and even better that its mesh! Along with these awesome bright ass pink mesh jeans I’m sporting! Love it. Also new hair from Burley that is mesh with some awesome jewelry from Gossamer Jewellery. On MP there are packs where you can get the same type of jewelry all wrapped up in one awesome price. ❤


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Relaxing Around Town

Hay. So gotta do a post before I go to RL. I did this outfit up last night, then fucked up and didn’t have time to fix the pictures. Then logged on this morning to try and post it then my internet went out so here I am finally getting this one out! Anyways, newness with this outfit from [ JP ]:dsg. Hoodie has many many options. Either you can have the print on the front or not, you can have the walkman out the pockets with the headphones or hide em. You can change all sorts of colors including the hood part on the back. Love it, including that its mesh.

Also new ! and ? tattoos from Vestigium, one that is on the back of your calves, the other that is right below your throat! Just cute!

AND new hair from Magika! One of my favorites from her right here! It has both versions of solid colors and Duo pack!

Pepper released new shoes that I’m sporting. They come in a couple different colors, and they are mesh! Along with a new clutch that goes right on your right hand, has some rings that cover your fingers and really sits very well in place! <3333

Relaxing Around Town In –

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Death Row Slavie

Hai, gonna be able to get some stuff done before work today as the husband is over at our new house. Feel like I’m like 85 years old with how sore I am from the last two days! Anyways, there is all newness for y’all with this outfit, necklace, collar, and hair! Hair is from lamb, its mesh, and there are 4 new mesh hairstyles out! Exciting yes. Also Vestigium came out with 3 new tattoos, one that I am sporting here! ❤

Death Row Slave In –

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So Beachy

First I want to tell you all about something that is going on with me IRL. I haven’t been able to post that much this week because we -FINALLY- closed on our RL house. We are currently fixing it up for it to be move in ready, which is causing me less time on SL. I will most definitely be back next week sometime, and I am going to try to do as many posts as I can. Sorry for any inconvenience. ❤

Secondly KIM is at it again with a couple new releases for Tropicalia Big Bazaar. Two new outfits I’m showing you which I know is different for me, but I wanted to be able to show em both off! <33

So Beachy In –

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Side Boob

Yup, side boob on this awesome mesh top from Hucci! In love with this top soo much. Also along with this skirt that is from Spirit. Both come in all their different sizes, and several different colors to choose from! ❤ PS – Totally forgot to wear a collar for this slave outfit, but yeah! LOL

Side Boob In –

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Sporty Spice

Look! I can be as posh and English as Kirsty! Bahahha, totally jk! Anyways, new pants from LooP! Comes in 12 different colors, of course they are mesh with an alpha for alpha feet or not. Really digging this laid back Sunday look. Very simple, something to just throw on! ❤

Sporty Spice In –

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Swimming Fun

Hai decided to do pretty pictures for this post tonight. New sheer cute tops from nestle my bosom for y’all to throw over your bathing suits since its that time again! Also new cute jean shorts from Izzie’s. Alot of different colors! Go get yours now! <33

Swimming Fun In –

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Oh hai. So wanted to show y’all another release from Cynful. I’m a little late on the game, but catching up on some releases. Also Maitreya released these mesh jeans that are only 210L for those that are in the VIP group! They are a dirty wash, and I am really digging this color! New hair also from Truth! ❤

Simplicity In –

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Preview again!

Oh hai! 😀 So more stuff for y’all to check out at the Faire when it opens tomorrow! Epic has released some Petite outfits which are 399L for the one that I am wearing and go towards American Cancer Society. Also she came out with another gatcha for these cute single fluttering butterflies that keep roaming around you. Comes in either petite or regular avie.

Plastik is releasing her new mesh Petite avies in which I am showing you one of them down below! I have a nice little message from her that I want to show y’all. Will explain her line and such.

“I’m planning a nailcolor hud and some other features as i continue to release and work on them, and I plan on releasing the Petites with the Aleria and Averian skins, My latest skinline, as well. The ranges of skins are very very wide, and I also plan on doing the MALE and FEMALE Aquamer skins; Those are the ones that have scales and come in some wild, wild colors. The Petites skins will first be released at Fantasy faire, and there will be special edition ones, some of which, the sales will go directly to the charity Relay for Life. I also plan on releasing an extensive line of eyes and clothing once Relay for life and Culture Shock are over!  🙂

These Petites avatars will debut at the beginning of Fantasy Faire 2012!

The elven colors will only be available at Fantasy Faire, and feature the Ataciara skins,and then after the event is over, they will be available at the petites Market.

The Natural tones have 6 skintones and feature the Ataciara skins, A slightly older skinline, but it’s my most popular skinline and I had a lot of requests right off of the bat for it.

The heads for MY petites avatars are a CUSTOM MESH head, and no other store will have the mesh that comes with my avatars. This custom head features more adult features for the more serious fae, and looks more distinguished for the people who like to play adult faeries.”

– Plastik

Preview Again In –

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Another Fantasy Faire Preview!

Hai guys. Sorry I have been a little MIA. Trying to close on a house IRL like I’ve mentioned before. But we had to come home and I wanted to get this out for y’all! This is another Fantasy Faire Preview which will be open tomorrow! So excited and the build is amazing! Did two creators in this one, I’m showing you here Silk Worms and Satyrs Moon. Both great places, Silk Worms for you Gorean peeps and Satyrs Moon for some amazing fawn items! Here y’all go! ❤

Another Fantasy Faire Preview In –

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