Coloreta’s Contest!

Coloreta’s is having a contest currently and I want to make sure all of you are aware and participate! Here are the details written up by them! 😀

Heya Guys! 😀

Our love for photography is evident ^^ and we love the good work and commitment of many people!! 😀 we decided to create a contest based on these ideas 😉

Must take a photograph perhaps showing some artistic landscape, a beautiful view on the beach, some forest or wherever you want <3, but of course. .. wearing some of our products !

We have great awards for our first 3 places!!

1st place 3000L store Credit & 1000L in cash
2nd place 2000L store credit & 500L in cash
3rd place 1000L store credit

These are our rules:

* You must wear some ~ CoLoReTa’s :] product (this does NOT include group gifts, subscriber gifts, hunt items 🙂 )
* The photo must be artistic
(all photography blogger style will be removed and will not be part of the contest >:o  what we mean here is plain , magazine commercial photos,)
* You are free to use ANY design program to edit your picture, any processing software , your skill is the limit 🙂

Starting date :                           Ending Date :
April 2nd 2012                          April 23rd 2012

So you have 3 weeks !!

Our flickr pool :
BUT name the submission photo with the following in the title : “Coloreta Contest Photo ”
Thank you and MAKE FUN  ~ CoLoReTa’s :] PHOTOS !!!

Any information , please contact
Melina Fetuccio , Manager of ~ CoLoReTa’s:]

~ CoLoReTa’s:]


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