The Covered Gorean

Oh hai! Put together a Gorean outfit last night. I love mesh, have I said that enough? Well this entire outfit is done up of mesh, because I just can’t get enough of it! Enjoyyyy ❤

The Covered Gorean In –

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Mesh Around Hunt

Hey y’all! Coming around to show y’all some of the amazing items you can find on the Mesh Around Hunt brought to you by the team of The Ego Co. I wasn’t able to keep my position on the team due to the amount of time I’m about to spend in SL, but I’m still around to blog for you all in the events! Really adore all of the creators who are participating and I did my best to get out another set of items that hasn’t been seen on The Ego Co. blog! Just remember, hunt starts June 1st! Totally excited!!! <33

Mesh Around Hunt In –

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Giddy Up

Okay so as of RIGHT NOW the Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase is officially open! I’m currently sporting in this picture one of the skins that will be featured there by Pink Fuel! I’ve always adored her skins, and this one is called Alena! Comes in two different make ups to choose from at 500L and several different tones with different eyebrows! Of course there’s freckle version in the pack as well! Such a flawless skin. I’m addicted for sure.

Enjoy! ❤

Giddy Up In –

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Cutest Leopards

Herro cuties. Wanna talk to y’all about a new shop, but really has been around for a bit. Its called Sexy Things and its the owner Michell’s new shop who was one of the owners of Sticky Fingers. There are the old items of Sticky Fingers at her new shop, along with of course new things like this top I’m showing you now that is mesh! This leopard mesh top comes in several different colors and sizes with the alpha!

Also new pants from Jane that are low rise and denim along with being mesh! Different cuffs, sizes, with of course the alpha.

New skin from Izzie’s for the Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase! Its called Delusional, comes in all the tones, along with several eyeshadows, lipsticks, freckles, and eyebrow options! Go pick them up as soon as you can!!!

Coming soon is a new hunt called Mesh Around by The Ego Co and these amazing rings from HANDverk will be featured for it! Mesh of course, and they are most definitely unisex. Loveeeeeee these rings so freakin’ much! ❤

Cutest Leopards In –

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Summer Starts!

So the other day when I was on, I totally fell in LOVE with this dress. I know I say that alot, but this mesh dress and the colors are to die for! Its from AMERIE and comes in several different colors! <333

Summer Starts In –

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Draped Gorean

Herro! So I’ve been in love with this shirt since I got it at Culture Shock and haven’t been able to find what I wanted to do with it. Decided on this outfit, and its sorta Gorean sorta urban! I hope y’all enjoyy! <33

Draped Gorean In –

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I’m Caged

Hey hey. Husband decided tonight was a good night to sit around and play on the computers so here I am being able to blog! This outfit is amazinggg and its new from GSpot. Its mesh, and comes in a couple different colors. Also new mesh hair by lamb along with this awesome cage with 6 different poses by Rack Poses! Oh yeah, forgot to wear collar, but its obvious I’m no slave. LOL ❤

I’m Caged In –

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Beautiful GSpot

Sooo GSpot has released a ton of new outfits! I am so excited to get these out for y’all! Love this one the most. Flowy dress to run around in is the best! I’ll try my best to get the rest out! ❤

Beautiful GSpot In –

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