Last Hurrah!

I went a little over board with the editing of these pictures but I wanted to have them combined into one instead of uploading 4 pictures! Remember the hunt starts on the 1st ending on the 21st so get your hunting on for these amazing items! <33

Last Hurrah In –

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Harvest in the Summer Harvest Hunt

Oh hai! Had to do another post on the hunt because I really just can’t get enough of all the amazing items the awesome designers have worked on! I’m just gonna get right into this post! <33

Harvest in the Summer Harvest Hunt Inside –

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Summer Harvest

Hey hey! So starting September 1st, The Ego Co is putting on another hunt called The Summer Harvest Hunt where sooo many great designers put together items for you to search for! Can’t wait for this hunt to kick off. I’ll have alot more items to show you also when I have more time! This is just a little taste. Oh and mine and my husband participated in this event – our first one – with our new store [Haste]! I’m wearing the cuteness that is the corset and undies! <33

Summer Harvest In –

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Huge Asses

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Been doing RL between work and tiny vacation with the husband! So anyways, gotta show y’all these amazing mesh shoes brought to you by HANDverk for the Zodiac event. I absolutely love them and had to get an outfit along with a pose to go along with them!

The hair is also new and by Truth! Lovely mesh that you can’t miss out on. Also comes with a cute little bow that changes colors and front streaks for your bangs.

Enjoy!! ❤

Huge Asses In –

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Pretty Paper Dolls

Hey hey! I know lately I’ve been talking about how badly my computer has been crapping out lately, but its really going down the shit hole. Husband should be working on it tonight while I’m at work so hopefully all will be better tomorrow! Anyways, Bells was nice enough to take the pictures for us while we did a post for all the cute tings paper.doll has to offer with her new build and hunt she has just within her store right now! Get your asses over there and go check it out for yourselves too! Also lots of new things at My Attic including this top I’m wearing from Cracked Mirror! Bells post will be up on her blog soon, don’t miss out! <33

Pretty Paper Dolls In –

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Boom That Hucci

Hai y’all! Another post for today since I’m trying to be on the ball with things. I love this entire freakin’ outfit! The shirt and pants are NEW, shirt from Hucci and pants from Boom! Both mesh with tons of colors and sizes. Hair is new from Truth that has a huge cute factor! Its not mesh for y’all out there still not wanting to touch that scene! <33

Boom That Hucci In –

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A Lacey Look

I had a crazy work filled weekend so now I’m getting back on track with some newness for y’all!! There’s so much to talk about, but I’m just gonna do this post! (New LM for HANDverk!!) <33

A Lacey Look In –

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With Maci

So today I ran over immediately to get Maitreya’s new dress and boots mesh release. Like, IMMEDIATELY! Loveee the boots, and the dress is amazing as well. Dress has 4 different designs where I will be showing you two different designs in this post, and the boots have several different colors. Of course I know lately I haven’t been touching base with Gor, but I haven’t forgotten about them and will still be blogging in that genre. These boots will definitely a great addition to that genre!

On another note, a sweet sweet girl Maci decided that she’d post with me! Another one of my Plurk buddies and just a down to Earth girl. She is amazingly pretty, and I just wanna keep her forever! Most likely you’ll be seeing more of her because I LOVE posting with others. We both decided on our post also that our own credits will be posted on our own blog, so you must check hers for her own look here!

Enjoy my lovies! <33

With Maci In –

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