Seaside Skulls

Hey y’all! Wanna talk to everyone about Auxiliary and how Tyr and Ivy finally put up a new store for everyone to go visit and pick up allll the pretties! She placed out a group gift for the Auxiliary VIP’s to go snatch up which I am sporting along with old and new items for you to go hog wild on! I also am in love with this new hair from Truth! ❤

Seaside Skull In –

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No More Autumn Blues

So much newness to tell everyone about! Okay so first of all Truth over the weekend released 3 new hair styles all mesh, the one I’m wearing is not rigged so you’re able to adjust it to your liking! Also this trench coat is new and mesh from mon tissu which is in several colors, this blue was my absolute favorite color of them! Next Cynful this weekend released new jeans from their Zia line, but this time they are mesh and in all colors, sizes, and even cuff styles! I have so much more to show y’all, but wanted to get this out before I had to work on my own creations being released this week! ❤

No More Autumn Blues In –

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He Stole The Devil!

Oh heyyy! So more Costume Ball exclusives for y’all. This one is from Cracked Mirror which is 100% mesh and AMAZING like her. Also love this new pose set by Lost Angel Industries for the Halloween season! ❤

He Stole The Devil In –

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Angel Warrior

So I was saving this hair for a special post, but it’ll have to be another day since the husband needs to make something for it. ANYWAYS, love Alice’s hair from Cinema since I’m really digging the wind blown look for pictures. Also this amazing outfit from Paperdolls at The Costume Ball is so adorable for the upcoming holiday! And any of you love PXL skins? Well the Faith skin is still on sale at 25% off to all VIP’s so please hurry on over there before that sale is over! ❤

Angel Warrior In –

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Snuggle Up Soon!

Its beginning to be that time again, and I know I’ve talked about it a couple times but for the first time on Saturday night we were able to feel a cold front. Love this time of year, especially with huddling around fireplaces and just being indoors with loved ones! Prism Furniture has released a new set that is perfect for anyone looking for good wood living room furniture set with amazing looking autumn color scheme. I love this entire set since it has the every small detail you could pick to put in your living room. I am never the best at decorating SL houses or skyboxes so if you are in the same boat as me just go run over there and pick up this set and you’ll not have to find a bunch of different items from all over to fill your room.

Also new skin from Pink Fuel which will be exclusively at The Costume Ball which opens tomorrow!! So much goodness at this event you can’t miss out!

More newness from this post is also from Truth with new mesh hair that is adorable, leggings from Izzie’s that come in several different colors, coldlogic came out with more mesh goodness for fall/winter time and MESH HANDS released from SLink. I will be doing another post showing more of the hands later this week! (Outfit can also be pulled off in Gor people!) ❤

Snuggle Up Soon In –

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The Costume Ball

Heyy! So the husband and I worked ALLLLLLLL day on our day off to get this outfit done. We are really happy with it, and I hope y’all will love it also! Its 100% mesh and only available at The Costume Ball on October 24th at 12 pm SLT! Also the mask comes with a script that can change to 8 different colors! This event is being ran by The Ego Co, and I’m extremely excited for it! So many great designers involved in this event! I’m taking a sneak peak picture inside the event, and its so spooky classy and amazing! ❤

The Costume Ball In –

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Boho In Fall

So I visited the Boho Couture Fair last night and there are some goodies to go pick up if you haven’t made it there! Also this new hair from Truth is amazingggg. He released 3 other ones yesterday, and of course they have the fades pack! <33

Boho in Fall In –

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Starting Early..

Heyyyy, so I’ve been busy lately, but I got this dress a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it. Decided to put a look with it and show y’all because its super exciting to me! ❤

Starting Early In –

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Kill The Twin!

Still wanting to show y’all some more awesome Cinema items to pick up! Decided on this post to bring back out my alter ego, and have her look like she’s killing the main Harvest. Just a little fun stuff to go with the theme of Cinema! ❤

Kill The Twin In –

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Getting Home

Oh hey y’all! So got a couple more things I wanna show you. More new stuff and some mesh, some not. Just enjoy! ❤

Getting Home –

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