Styles and Seven Facts Meme

Hey y’all! So I’m gonna do this thing that Strawberry Singh started called Seven Facts Meme. It’s a cute idea! I know not everyone has a blog, but you can do it by maybe just doing a Flickr picture or even posting it on Plurk. We all want to know about y’all crazy odd facts on yourself! ❤

My SL Fact #1 – This really isn’t much of a fact because I’ve never hid it, but I have met my RL husband within this game. We were best friends for a good 2 years before we actually remotely thought about dating. We met at a roleplay sim called Crack Den and became best friends, but we had a couple obstacles in the way. The two of us had to go through the tiring and long process of immigration, but we are finally happily together.

My SL Fact #2 – I am -horrible- at messaging people in world. A lot of the time I get caught up in photoshop or watching TV that I forget that I’m logged in or don’t even see who’s logging on my friend’s list. Don’t think I’m not approachable because I really am! I freaking LOVE talking to people, but that’ll bring me to my next SL fact in a second.

My SL Fact #3 – I. am. so. freaking. shy. Yes I am. SOOO Bad. If I don’t already know you then I get all weird, and don’t say much. If I’m with a lot of friends and one new person comes around I’m fine. But if it’s only myself with like one person that I know around I will NOT speak. Kinda feel like I go into my little hole. So if I seem like when I’m around, and I don’t know you and don’t speak all that much. It’s because I’m super shy and can’t seem to function! LOL

My SL Fact #4 – This is pretty obvious, but I’m not the best at grammar. In my blog posts I always feel like I have so many run on sentences (which is probably obvious from above), but otherwise I really don’t care since it’s my blog! LOL I’m usually good with spelling, but ugh I just start ranting and ranting and my sentences go insane! I apologize!

My SL Fact #5 – Up until mesh came out and all these shoe makes made pretty heels, I never wore them. In SL I was a forever tom boy girl. Either tennis shoes, sandals, or flats for me in SL. Now that Gos, SLink, N-Core, FANATIK, and many others came out with some ultra amazing heels I can never take them off!

My SL Fact #6 – If you are actually on my friend’s list, see me on skype, or see me Plurking at strange hours to you and have NO idea why since it seems so late. It’s because I do stay up until strange hours of the morning. My RL job I work in the middle of the night while a lot of you are sound asleep in bed. So when it’s my days off, I don’t switch my sleeping schedule and stay up while my own husband is sleeping! I always think people believe I live in Aussie land since it seems my sleeping is flipped, but I really do live in the good ol state of Florida!

My SL Fact #7 – Okay so let me tell you a little background about my avie. Have I always had white hair? Nupe. Have I always had this shape? Nope! But have I always had a huge ass and a little thicker looking shape than usual? Yesss! I used to have black hair back in the day, then I switched to blonde. When I was blogging one day I decided that I wanted to have something different and started wearing white hair. The shape of my face changed a long time ago also along with when I got short back a good 2 years ago (like before it was cool and everyone thought I was a child avie) LOL. I decided I wanted to be my own RL height in SL so I took my avie down to that size of 5’2 and became short. Well it’s a little taller than 5’2 because SL 5’2 is ridic. Anyways, my husband used to recognize me when we were friends with this huge ass so I shall always have a huge booty in SL (though mesh hates on it sometimes).

So yeah, those are my facts. \o/

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Styles and Seven Facts Meme Inside –

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

I just love the new color palette for this new round of Collabor88. My favorite color is the one that I’m representing in this post. If you haven’t visited C88 yet you really should because there is sooo many good items this round that I pretty much emptied out my pockets! ❤

Geek LOTD 736 2

What’s Your Favorite Color? Inside –

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Roller Derby Time!

Hey y’all. Decided I’d do a roller derby outfit with the newness from The Arcade and FaMEShed and !bang!! I’m gonna get right into this! ❤

Geek LOTD 735

Roller Derby Time In –

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Circus Roadies

Herro! Had a longgg weekend of work, but wanted to get this post done today because this outfit is crazy though I love it! So much new stuff for me to show y’all so I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Geek LOTD 734

Circus Roadies In –

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The Arcade Panda!

Hey girl heyyyy! So I probably spent wayyyyyyyyy too much money last night BUT I finally got some that I needed. I’m showing off the Photobooth and Bloki Machine from Scarlet Apple that are Rare items along with what I’m wearing from Auxilary that are Rare hood and romper! I’m in total love right now. This skin is also at the Arcade by Glam Affair! So many goodies for everyone there.

I’m also looking for a ton of things. –

For the Noodles‘ bracelets in both Silver and Gold I need – Rare The Mouseketeer & Princess Tiara and also The Slipper! If anyone has them I’m willing to pay or trade. I have several duplicates.

For Teefy/LaViere I need all rares except Soft Serve Ice Cream along with the cake pop maker and the other non rare punch thingy!

For Dead Apples eyes I would like Wild please!

For Intrigue Co. I wantt the pony and bear please!

I have ALOT of duplicates like I said so if you wanna just IM me to trade then I’m all for it! ❤

Geek LOTD 733

The Arcade Panda In –

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Oz at The Arcade

Heyyyy! I know it’s been so long, but like usual RL. So HANDverk is one of the sponsors for The Arcade which opens up at midnight tonight and I’m proud to be showing you all their items for this event! Absolutely love that Daphne and Toby picked Relics of Oz for their inspiration on their items. Some are wearable and come with display pieces for the cabinet with each having their own tags so you can place the items you bought in their proper spot on the shelf. Such amazing ideas these two have! I took my own little spin on being Dorothy in the book. Not blue dress but went with red to match the slippers and the dress is new from Cynful for The Whore Couture Fair that opens the same time as The Arcade. So anyways, getting into the post! ❤

Geek LOTD 732

Oz at The Arcade In –

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