Going For Pizza

Hey y’all! New post with some new items. First is this hoodie from [ JP ]:dsg. Sooo many different colors to choose from with men’s and women’s sizes! Go and pick them up. I decided to put this outfit together because it’s definitely something I’d wear IRL. Especially since I’m from Florida it doesn’t always get hot enough to wear a hoodie with jeans. lol. But this skirt I can’t seem to take off. It’s from Miseria and at The Attic currently. ❤

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Going For Pizza Inside –

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Just Dressing Up

Hey everyone! So new post for y’all. Couple new items out at events. Check them out! ❤

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Just Dressing Up Inside –

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Stylish Home

Hello y’all. Gonna catch y’all up on some new HANDverk furniture releases! Also have new colors for the Cynful Tara’s Vest and Dress. Enjoy! ❤

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Stylish Home Inside –

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For Our Amusement

Hey thur. Decided to do a post today with the wonderful Terrence. I love this girl so much! <3333333333

Second picture was taken by her because my computer sucks.

Check out Terr’s blog here.

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For Our Amusement Inside –

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In My Backyard

Good afternoon lovely peoples! So I took these pictures yesterday and forgot to get the blog together! Alot of great items still to pick up at The Garden if you haven’t done so yet. This outfit is definitely inspired by something that I’d wear IRL when just sitting around at my parent’s house having some drinks. Summer is coming y’all! ❤

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In My Backyard Inside –

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My Little Spot

Hey peoples. Sorry I was gone for a bit. Had to work and went on a mini vacation! I’m gonna get caught up here on more The Garden items. So much amazing items to collect from that event. ❤

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My Little Spot Inside –

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Welcome To My Home

Hello my peoples! So a couple things to talk about. First 11th Hour has some new furniture for y’all. This furniture set which I have shown in beige also comes in red for a more drastic look. Riv also made the origami set that is on the coffee table for the Royal Living Lifestyle Magazine hunt which details on that could be found here at this blog

There are also a couple items around the living room that are from the new event called The Garden by The Liason Collaborative. This new event opens up Monday 12 am SLT and I’m super excited to show you more items from this event. So many great designers from home and garden!

This outfit that I’m wearing is just adorableeeee and new from mon tissu. The necklace that I’m rocking is by Noodles and it has a pretty unicorn on it! OMG, but yes this necklace along with other available colors can be located at Kawaii Fair! But I’ll stop explaining things and just get right into this post! ❤

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Welcome To My Home Inside –

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HANDverk Sneaky Peaky

Hey y’all. Gonna show you some pictures of HANDverk’s new store build that is open now to the public! This build is just so freaking amazing. Toby and Daphne have been working on it foreverrrrr so you know there’s alot of blood and sweat going into this thing. Now I did my best to capture some pictures that can give you some previews, but honestly pictures don’t do this build justice. It’s something you all have to go check out! I didn’t even want to compile the pictures into smaller ones I wanted large pictures for y’all to click through so please enjoy them below! ❤

TP Here!

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HANDverk Sneaky Peaky Inside –

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Little Bee

Hey cuties. I really had fun with these pictures today. Especially since I was using HANDverk’s new parasol that will be featured at the event Bees Through The Seasons that opening April 13th! The parasol has 4 built in arm poses for your AO and an off option to turn those off. She will also have a necklace that I’m wearing and earrings to match. HANDverk will also be releasing another item for this event, but I’ll keep that a little secret for now. ❤

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Little Bee Inside –

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Monkey Bars

Good afternoon lovely people. So I am a little stuck for money right now, but I was able to go pick up these bermuda shorts from Collabor88 last night by Tres Blah! I have been wanting mesh bermudas for this up coming seasons and when I brought it up on Plurk I was sooo freaking ecstatic to hear from Anouk saying she was making some for C88. Pretty much the only thing I could afford right now so I went and grabbed some up and now put together an outfit to show y’all with this cute monkey bar set from Fri.day still at Pose Fair! ❤

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Monkey Bars Inside –

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