Rubbin’ Me The Wrong Way

Hello there lovelies! Okay so right now I’m going to talk to y’all about another meme Berry started. This one is 5 SL Pet Peeves. I know some will piss people off, BUT I shall say them anyways because ya know.. I WANNA! πŸ˜€

Geek LOTD 750

Rubbin’ Me The Wrong Way Inside –

1.) Bloggers not reading profiles. This is like a super duper huge deal, especially being a blogger and designer I know from both sides how it can feel and really, it sucks. Between how it clearly reads in a pick in my profile to use the blogger app I will still log on to notecards or IMs asking for “sponsorship” (which I really don’t understand where that term started in the first place). Bloggers PLEASE start to read profiles before contacting designers. It’ll stop wasting both of yours and the designers time! Bloggers are really giving us a bad name too. STOP IT K! ❀

2.) Not resizing prims properly on avies. Like my friend Miranda brought up the other day with piercings. Yeah I know sometimes that you’ll edit something then crash and forget the part you edited with stupidly go back to the old spot, but I’m like OCD and forever seeing weird prims not exactly where they should be on the body. Thanks to alot of mesh that is starting to go away.

3.) Social / Popularity climbers. Oh good god peoples. Lemme just say, we are ALL people here. We are all one in the same and should be treated that way. I may get intimidated by someone, not by their social stance, but only by their skills. But those that elbow and push their way through friends or acquaintances to get themselves to the people who will make their blog or store the most popular on the grid is just tacky. I have seen ALOT of this lately on Plurk and it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. I want everyone to be treated the same, and wish that peoples feelings shouldn’t be hurt just because you want to be oh so well known to everyone.

4.) Gridlines. I do have to agree with Maci on this one. Firestorm peoples need to get on the freaking ball and fix that bug. I am a 100% hater on them damn gridlines. STOP IT NAO!

5.) The pitchforks! Lastly I wanna talk about those individuals who are out there in SL that are just looking for something to blame a designer for. Even if they can think of a false claim, they take it to some sort of social forum to sit there and bash the designer with very limited proof. When that happens on the social forums it will obviously cause everyone else to come out with their pitchforks. People really really need to stop jumping on these bandwagons and maybe look to see if they the first person has actual real proof to begin with. Now I know some of the time there is good proof for something the designer did, but I have been involved where that wasn’t the case. It hurts deeply to be struck like that over and over again by a mob of people when you know that you haven’t been doing anything wrong, but working on something really hard. All I’m asking for is to people to maybe take a step back and look at it yourself in a calm and rational way before commenting or throwing yourself into a conversation. ❀

Skin – Glam Affair – Luria – Europa – 10 (The Arcade)
Eyes – Dead Apples – Sinistre Mesh – Natural Grey
Shape – Mine
Hair – [e] – Rush – White 05
Freckles – LAQ – Freckles & Beauty Marks – Freckles 02
Eyeliner – Dead Apples – Liquid Liner – Thick Liner – Black
Blush – Dead Apples – Anime Blushe
Tattoo –Β Aitui – Heart – Fresh
Hands – SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Casual & Bag
Ears – [MANDALA] – Stretched Ears Mesh – Omimi
Eyelashes –Β BEETLEBONES – Mesh Lashes – V.01 Minimalist Black

Headpiece – Boom – Nature’s Crown Mesh – So Pink Mix RARE (The Arcade)

Poses –Β – Sweet Sour Poses (Pose Fair)

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