HANDverk Sneaky Peaky

Hey y’all. Gonna show you some pictures of HANDverk’s new store build that is open now to the public! This build is just so freaking amazing. Toby and Daphne have been working on it foreverrrrr so you know there’s alot of blood and sweat going into this thing. Now I did my best to capture some pictures that can give you some previews, but honestly pictures don’t do this build justice. It’s something you all have to go check out! I didn’t even want to compile the pictures into smaller ones I wanted large pictures for y’all to click through so please enjoy them below! ❤

TP Here!

Geek LOTD 755

HANDverk Sneaky Peaky Inside –

Geek LOTD 755 2

Geek LOTD 755 3

Geek LOTD 755 4

Geek LOTD 755 5

Geek LOTD 755 6

Geek LOTD 755 7

Geek LOTD 755 8


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