Sand, Sea, and Land

Hello cuties. Some new stuff from Eleventh Hour to show y’all! Riv did a set for The Home Show that is exclusive to that event alone and WILL NOT BE SOLD AGAIN! The cute thing about this bed is there is a texture change for the bed, pillows, and towel! Lots of different cute summer textures. Also the life preserver rings on the walls is his July VIP gift. ♥

Geek LOTD 799

Sand, Sea, and Land Inside –

Geek LOTD 799 2

House – Bazar – White Beach Cottage
Bed – Eleventh Hour – Reef Bay Bed Mesh (The Home Show)
Wall Decor – Eleventh Hour – Latch Post Sign Mesh (The Home Show)
Picture Frame – Eleventh Hour – WHARF Picture Frames Mesh (The Home Show)
Life Preserver Decor – Eleventh Hour – Life Ring Wall Decor Mesh

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