Dear Santa…

Heyyy! Some more of this scene. Absolutely love what I’ve done to this little spot! So many goodies! Especially ISPACHI’s gacha at The Garden! There is 1 rare and 6 commons. The snow jar’s have falling snow inside with different cuties inside of them. Dermie did so amazing! Also the cute dog from Half Deer! So adorable! ♥

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa.. Inside –

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Look Alot Like Christmas

Took too long to get the shot I needed but I think I got everything fully rezzed. SL needs to fix this glitch! ♥

Look Alot Like Christmas

Look Alot Like Christmas Inside –

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New Outside Traditions

Heyyyy so this post is gonna be huge and since it’s so big I’ve decided I’ll do it in separate posts just so I can cover each item with a nice quality lay out. First I’ll just talk about what’s up front and shown directly in these photos below! Mostly the items are from The Garden and Poser Pavilion that opened on the 15th and some items from Frost which I covered the other day!

FYI – The Gazebo does come in snow and no snow versions and when clicking the gazebo the lights will turn on and off! ♥

New Outside Traditions

New Outside Traditions Inside –

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How Victorian Of You

Hello. So so so sorry about the delay on these next posts for the 2 events that opened today! RL got in the way and I’ll be catching up here soon! Genre is what I’m going to be talking and showing now. It’s Victorian theme this time which means I’m gonna look prim and proper. Did I pull it off? LOL

Also Truth is backkk and he’s released 5 new hairs for you dolls! Today I’m showing you the first of the 5. Loving the side pony tail. ♥

How Victorian Of You

How Victorian Of You Inside –

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Too Cold Out There

Heyyyy pretties. Some new things here. Of course C88 has opened their doors to another round of great items. All so cozy items too! has a H&G item this round that is a chair that has 3 poses within it that has a blanket that covers over you. It’s super super cute. It also has 6 other poses along with those 3. ♥

Too Cold Out There

Too Cold Out There Inside –

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To Those That Live It

Oh heyyy. So new things from Junbug along with EZ Weapons and Keystone. ♥

To Those That Live It

To Those That Live It Inside –

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