Drink A Beer

So I’ve been waiting to get this Exile hair (that is at the new round of The Arcade opening March 1st) to do a post on this song. This song is one of my favorites right now. Very emotional and great over all tune. I hope y’all like my inspirational post on it! ♥

Drink A Beer

Drink A Beer Inside –

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Wildlife Captured

Hey peoples. So of course you’ve seen all kinds of teasers and have been notified that The Arcade will be opening up soon, but I really wanted to show y’all these new sculptors by ISPACHI! They are just perfection! There will be one rare which is the largest one being the bear and fox. They are great for having outside or even inside of your house. I have already put them down on my OOC land and over at the Gorean sim where I play! ♥

Wildlife Captured

Wildlife Captured Inside –

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Waiting For That Moment

Heyyyy peoples! So I know I’ve blogged Kirsty’s gacha item with these balloons before, but I wanted to show them off again and also use the balloon in a pose I made just for this post. Also new dress that it by Junbug and currently at The Fantasy Collective! ♥

Waiting For That Moment

Waiting For That Moment Inside –

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Hey there Prince Abooboo! < Terrence’s idea! Some more new things from The Fantasy Collective! Outfit comes in 3 colors by Whimey with the nice pairing jewelry by Noodles and the face chain comes in several colors too by OrsiniSun! ♥


Jasmine Inside –

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Tiny Dancer

Hello there. So another round of Fantasy Collective is underway. This theme is Arabian Nights. Lots of really awesome things there! I’m only wearing just a few of those things below! ♥

Sneak Peek..

Tiny Dancer Inside –

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Feed A Smile

So there’s an auction that is currently going on for Feed A Smile charity which I will be posting you all sorts of information on! I never do these auction things, but after talking to both Katy and Fugazi about it, I decided it’s a good cause and I’ll try! I don’t see myself as a celebrity in any manor, but to give to this kind of charity I’m there for!

You can find the auction here.

MadPea Feed A Smile Auction 2014

What I’m giving away for this auction is one of two things. Either you would like to post with me on my blog OR I can take a picture of you. I have been wanting to post with others, and practice on other faces but I am so so so shy that I can’t ever ask anyone. So really it’s two birds with one stone here. Helping out a charity and practicing on others!

Here’s more information here –

MadPea Productions Hosts and Sponsors Charity Celebrity Auction for Feed A Smile

MAD CITY, SECOND LIFE MadPea Productions, creators of innovative gaming, shopping and interactive art experiences in the virtual world Second Life, are pleased and proud to welcome the public to their star-studded Charity Celebrity Auction in aid of Feed A Smile, a project that aims to deliver food and education to children in some of Kenya’s most deprived communities.

Hosted at their flagship sim, Mad City, the auction runs from today, February 15th 2014 right the way through to February 23rd, where it culminates in a series of live appearances from some of Second Life’s most famous artists, creators, musicians and bloggers, all of whom will be available for anyone and everyone to bid on. There’ll also be entertainment and music provided by popular singers and MC’s, with KatRose Serendipity, Shannon Oherilhy, Noma Falta, Marky Helstein and Kess Crystal being just a few of over a dozen performers scheduled to appear throughout the day!

Each auctionee has personally put together a special selection of treats for their winning bidder that amount to an experience that is truly Once in a Second Lifetime. With big names like Bryn Oh, Bernhard Drax, Queen Pea Kiana Writer and Jaimy Hancroft all going on the block, MadPea hopes to raise over 1,200,000L for Feed A Smile’s projects, ultimately feeding over 400 children for an entire month!

For more information on this amazing event, or to offer yourself up for auction, please contact Kiana Writer, Bobbi Bashir or Fugazi Rubanis in-world. Requests for comment for print or publication from any MadPea staff should be sent to Fugazi Rubanis.

ATTACHED: MadPea Auction for Feed A Smile via YouTube.