Wildlife Captured

Hey peoples. So of course you’ve seen all kinds of teasers and have been notified that The Arcade will be opening up soon, but I really wanted to show y’all these new sculptors by ISPACHI! They are just perfection! There will be one rare which is the largest one being the bear and fox. They are great for having outside or even inside of your house. I have already put them down on my OOC land and over at the Gorean sim where I play! ♥

Wildlife Captured

Wildlife Captured Inside –

Left to Right –

Owls – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – The Wisest Owl (The Arcade)
Foxes – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Frolicking Foxes (The Arcade)
Bear & Fox – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – The Bear and The Fox Rare (The Arcade)
Swans – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Lamentation of Swans (The Arcade)
Ducks – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – March of the Mallards (The Arcade)
Squirrels – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Between Two Squirrels (The Arcade)
Rabbits – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Hare King of The Stump (The Arcade)

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