Come And Be My God

Hey there. So got some new things here from Tales of Fantasy event! Aisiling’s items that have 1 ultra rare and 3 rares. The ultra rare comes with a HUD. Also this new hair from Truth comes with buns on each side and chopsticks! ♥

Come And Be My God

Come And Be My God Inside –

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Hey thur. You know the Arcade is coming up right? Well Exile has this hair out along with the sunglasses for this round. There’s also another one he’s offering in the same machine that’s an updo that’s a bit fuller than this. ♥


Fancy Inside –

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Not Just An Object

Hey thur. I put together a random outfit last night from some new to old things. Blah blah blah ya know, just read below. ♥

Not Just An Object

Not Just An Object Inside –

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Can I Be Your Goddess?

Hey there. I’m backkkkk. I had the best of time on vacation with some SL friends at Disney and now I’m back to the real world and doing blog posts! And now to show you some things from the new upcoming event Tales of Fantasy that opens June 10th at 12 am! Also this new hair from Spellbound is absolute perfection – comes with or without the feathers (hud colors for the feathers also). ♥

Can I Be Your Goddess?

Can I Be Your Goddess Inside –

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Client: Natalee Oodles
Okay so, I’m going on vacation starting today until Sunday the 25th!! I will catch up on blog posts when I get back!!! If you need me then just email me at

The picture above is by a wonderful girl named Pudding!! She’s taking clients! She did this picture for our vacation!! Check her out by clicking on the picture!!

She Can Be A Bit Dark

Hey there. So yesterday I was trying to take pictures on the new updated Firestorm with the fitted mesh. It failed again. My computer just completely crashes when I take a photo. Sad because I wanted to do this post with the Wowmeh body. Ugh. Anyways, new things from the Dark Style Fair along with new heels from Just Design at The Boutique. ♥

She Can Be A Bit Dark

She Can Be A Bit Dark Inside –

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The Vintage Look

Hey people. Some new things here by Collabor88. Finally got around to getting some things from there and putting a look together. Pictures taken yesterday, but work crept up too close to getting this posted. ♥

The Vintage Look

The Vintage Look Inside –

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