Truth Has The Goods

Firstly, I want to deeply apologize to all of my followers for not posting lately. I was very very saddened when suddenly both of the viewers (Firestorm and SecondLife viewer) stopped working for me when taking pictures. It has been taking me a while to figure out how to get it right. Now I’m taking them at a bit lower pixels, but learning new tricks. I’ve also picked up a new brand with my best friend Natalee so I’m doing more modeling in mesh than before. I have dropped from several blog groups, and I will start to focus more on those that I can give time too! I understand if a lot of creators want to drop me, but I will do my absolutely best to post as often as possible!

Secondly, I wanted to really get a post out on all of these wonderful Truth hairs as of recently. I do want to say that Celeste is my favorite because I’m a whore for headbands, but the braid and bands from Ishya’s hair at Uber is just cute as hellll! The Arcade hairs have 2 different versions and 4 different rares. (2 of each version of hair will be rare along with a hair piece).

Lastly, in a couple of the pictures I am wearing some of the new brand Oaken! You’ll be seeing it around the grid alot more. Really am loving working with Natalee Oodles and of course still my husband Auston Harbour! ♥

Truth Has The GoodsTruth Has The Goods Inside –

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