About Harvest

Sneaky Peaky

Hello everyone!

Really want to say that I appreciate all of you for checking out my blog. Its really appreciative, and is why I keep logging in every day. Secondly, just want to talk about why I decided to open this blog. It was started as a Gorean blog to show several people in the Gorean community that there was much much more out there to add to your outfits. I was seeing alot of avatars that were wearing just their usual attachments with an outfit that was built through one store. I just wanted to see more Goreans around the grid that were unique. Another reason why I opened the blog was because I love shopping, and giving/showing my support to each of those hard working creators out there. I know each of them put so much work into every piece they put on the grid. I no longer focus on just one type of category within my blog such as Gor. I love that my blog now branches out and touches Urban, Fantasy, Poses. and Home and Garden creators. Giving love to all of the creators alike! So here is another thanks to all of them out there! ❤❤

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