Its Nordic Time

Just a little outfit I threw together for you cute free’s out there. I do believe all of Celoe’s items are amazing, but these shorts are great with Gor, even if frees can throw some leggings underneath. Also same thing goes for the turtleneck.

Newwww earmuffs for the winter also from BOOM! Lots and lots of colors, great mesh design with the flowers on the ears, and great textures like always! In several different colors! ❤

Its Nordic Time In –

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Slut Hunter

I feel like that Looney Toons character that is always hunting for rabbits….can’t think of the damn name right now but YEAH! Kinda feelin’ this outfit – just a good slutty thing to run around in on these cold ass RP sims. ❤

Slut Hunter In –

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Gorean Boho

Jalilah ❤ GSpot ❤ That’s all I gotta say. Seriously love the new body suit. I had to somehow put it with a free outfit. I hope y’all promise not to slap a collar on me because I make a horrible slave I tell ya! 😀

Gorean Boho In –

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I think I’m adorable?

This coming up week I may not be posting so much. I lost my grandfather, the first of all my grandparents that actually live by me and my whole family including myself are not taking it so well. SL, of course, is my outlet but I have a ton of family coming into town along with my fiance. This may be my last post before everyone gets here, but its okay because its freaking cute. Tyr sent this out last night, and I almost got knocked off my bed in amazement. I probably won’t be taking the shirt off until the week has past. Its so freaking adorable. Another fantastic creation from the wonderful Grixdale line!

Kinda Adorable In –

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