Up Up And Away!

Hey hey! So for days I had been trying to get the new Burley hair, but the sim kept going down! Well the owner finally put the new hairs on mp so I quickly purchased them, but didn’t really get time to blog last night! So here is some newness for y’all. The skirt is from Emery which is at FaMESHed with several different colors, the hair is like I said from Burley and also has a new yogurt colored pack to check out! The pose is new from Rack Poses and it at Kirsty’s PG store which are freakin’ adorable! ❤

Up Up And Away In –

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Skater Girl

Hey hey! Got bored last night and took some pictures. Freakin’ in love with them and the outfit! Check it! ❤

Skater Girl In –

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Dressed In Black

I got this dress last night and had to throw it on before work. Its amazing and of course mesh. I really don’t know if I can go without wearing atleast one mesh item anymore! So anyways this is the outfit I picked out for this dress. I hope you like! <33

Dressed In Black In –

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Pumped Up Kicks

In love with this new tank top! Pumpkin came out with these new MESH tank tops which come in a couple different designs and some black with some white! Go check em out!

Also new hair from Exile. All three new hairs are MESH also and are just adorable.

Pumped Up Kicks In –

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Pink Chick

Felt very pink last night when I was putting this outfit together. The skirt is to die for, along with this body suit which is from Festival of Sin! Totally went buying insane in Addict! Love all of her items! Enjoy! <333

Pink Chick In –

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Seasons Winter Gacha

I pretty much went insane at this event. Well not that bad as I could have, but got REALLY lucky with getting a bunch of Rare’s when I wasn’t trying because I wanted to save my money each time I moved around LOL! So yes, Seasons Winter Gacha is out and ready for you all to get your booties over there and pick up some great items. This is pretty much my outfit revolving around the hunt! lol <33

Seasons Winter Gacha In –

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Tis The Season

Season’s Hunt y’all, JUST GO AND DO IT because there is soooo much good shit! Especially this sweater that I want to thank my lovely friend Kirsty for helping me! And this hair, and and and the boots and yeah, go shopping!

Tis The Season In –

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Dangerously Sweet

I’m here to remind y’all once again that Tiny Bird is going out of business so you gotta hop over there and get her items before they are all gone. Also, rockin’ another one of Jet’s boots. So cute.

Dangerously Sweet In –

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Oh Babyyyy Pink!

Decided to do one more post before bed. I feel in love with this shirt when it came out, decided to finally post it. Also finally put on Luck’s new jeans, even though JEANS ARE ALLOWED IN GOR. Gasps. Evolved. 😀 And a new item for Returned Karma. Check check CHECK it.

Oh So Pink In –

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