Oh So Dom!

So the purdy BellaStarr Fhang was asking through Plurk (which I just joined today) about someone blogging with her. I was pretty bored and not RPing so I told her I’d take her up on that offer! I have always always loved her blog, she’s freakin’ cute as hell and I just couldn’t resist! So basically this is the outfit we decided on together. Hot right? Yup, just two sexy sexy girls! 😀 <333

Oh So Dom In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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My Delusions

Another round of Grenade Free Wednesday! I know I already did a post on Epic’s items for this week, but now I want to talk about Delusions! Its the sexy slutty skirt I am sporting right hur. There are 9 different colors to choose from at 65L each, OR the fat pack at 299L! So girlies – get your sexy asses down there for this great item with an awesome fuckin’ price! ❤

My Delusions In –

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Elfin’ Around

Okay so – NOT Gorean, but you all know what to do with the outfit. I know I haven’t been posting all Gorean lately – just know that the items that are posted can be made into other outfits. So, as that is said here is to the events that are going on –

Stockings from The Black Market! Just some great things there – including Epic, Razorblade Jacket, SAKIDE, Blah, and many many other great vendors!

Also Private Room where I got this skin from Al Vulo and the dress from SAKIDE! Just a bunch of great items at that event – get the fuck over there! <333

So I do want to also talk about this blindfold that is just -amazing-. Panda Express came out with 6 different styles of new blindfolds. This is only just one that I will be posting. It comes with the cross either rightside up or down. The texture even changes with many different colors! Please get your asses down there to grab them up!

These whiskers are also so freakin’ cute and just a great add on to this outfit – its from Tard Mart and they just have a great amount of different items at their store from tattoos, scarfs, poses, etc! Check it out!

Elfin’ Around In –

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I was told to name this outfit Asstastic so I did. Fail on my part, anyways here is a great slave outfit for y’all. Also decided to get another Al Vulo skin, all my other ones were darker (bronze) and I wanted one of her light ones! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyyy! ❤

Asstastic In –

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Cargo Up

I’m beginning to dig deep into my inventory to find some old items to blog, along with new ones that I picked up last night. Ronsem has these new cargo pants that I just adore. Stumbled across them last night when I took my friend Chad shopping there. Also finally made my way to TFG, and bought this adorable Al Vulo skin for only 50L. Go pick it up y’all!

Cargo Up In –

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A Quickie.

Alright I did this one a little different again, yet again still trying to get the new hair that was released yesterday out for everyone to go run out and grab. I did two different outfits and only two different pictures. I hope y’all really enjoy. 😀

A Quickie In –

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Holy New Hair!

Okay so I’m literally working all weekend. Everyone put out new hair all in one day so I’m gonna kick my own ass to get them all out there for you guys. I had to put 2 different stores in this one blog just so I can catch myself up and get them out for y’all. I hope you guys enjoy em! ❤

Holy New Hair In –

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Headbands and Backpacks

Threw this outfit together last night with a couple of new items. New items from Luck, Suicidal Unborn, and MIEL. I also got alot more stuff after I got this outfit together so I’ll hopefully get another post in before I run off for work tonight. ❤

Headbands and Backpacks In –

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