Beachin’ With Some Friends!

Hey peoples! More new things from some events here. Mostly Oh My Gacha otherwise some Rhapsody hairrr! ♥

Beachin' With Some Friends!

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Alice Project

Hey y’all. I hope your days have been swell. Anyways, so I wanna talk to y’all about Alice Project opening up another satellite store and something new she’s putting on over there. So firstly, this is where you can find the LM for the new store. Here is where you’ll be finding the new project she’s putting together to showcase every month and a half new bloggers with tips and advice about her hair/HUDs.

Now to get started I’ll talk to you a bit about what it is about Alice’s hair that is a bit different than the rest. She’s has this system called the CYO (Create Your Own) HUD that works for one hairstyle (has to say Infinity hairstyle to work) which will give you 5 different hairs within the folder for each size. You ask why only 5 hairs right? Well usually when you buy a regular pack of hairs from other designers you’ll only get about that amount per color pack. BUT Alice has went a different direction. This time you can use the HUD to color for any of her hair colors/streaks that you like and do up to 5 color styles. Way more awesome than having to buy multiple packs or fatpacks really.

I know you’re getting sick of me talking already, but sometimes it just comes out. WORD VOMIT! So with that being said, let me tell you exactly how I love to wear my Alice Project hair. You’d really think I’d like to wear someone else other than GLITTER!? I mean really. I don’t know any other hair creator that I like that has a glitter texture. I know I wear the white hair, but the glitter just pops off with enough pzazz that I want. Do I do glitter on all of my hairs though? Nah, I like to switch it up a bit. Definitely like darker hairs with some glitter, but the black I do give a bit of a natural streak in it. The choices are really endless with AP hairs.

So there you have it. If you have any questions about any of this visit their blog here. It explains what I’m doing in this post along with going within the blog for further information.

Alice Project

Alice Project Inside –

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Just Dressing Up

Hey everyone! So new post for y’all. Couple new items out at events. Check them out! ❤

Geek LOTD 761

Just Dressing Up Inside –

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My Ink

Hello pretty people! I didn’t do much with this post, but wanted to show you some new stuff from FaMESHed! Enjoyyyy ❤

Geek LOTD 749

My Ink Inside –

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Sweet Emotions

Heyyy there! Still getting things caught up, but I’m getting there!

New pose that is a collaboration with RACK Poses and a new and upcoming store called Eleventh Hour! Freaking love this pose so much. SO CUTE!

New hair is by Alice and I almost died when I saw that she released a new HUD called Sparkle Princess! Yup, it definitely has glitter in her texture. You can’t really tell too well in my white hair texture, which is why you’ll see me in brown hair below! If you’ve ever purchased anything by Alice then you’d already know that her HUDs always have a ton of options and colors. This one will have solid colors that can be dipped or streaked, natural colors with colored streaks, and colored hair with the streaks (which I will show you below). Now when using this HUD you will need to make a copy of the hair and rezz it on the ground then add the script called AP Hair Offset Fixer in the contents.

This dress is new and by KIM. All mesh in 8 different sequin colors. Love how the dress looks a bit classy from the front, but on the back it’s open for lookin’ all sexy.

These bracelets I’m wearing is featured and new by HANDverk at Limited Bazaar so don’t forget to get over there and grab em before there aren’t anymore left!

!bang has 2 new single pose sets featured at Zodiac this month. Check them out!! ❤

Geek LOTD 742

Sweet Emotions Inside –

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Holiday Shenanigans

The man loves to ruin moments. ❤

A bunch of new items to show you all so I’ll just get into it!

 Gor LOTD 703

Holiday Shenanigans In –

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Angel Warrior

So I was saving this hair for a special post, but it’ll have to be another day since the husband needs to make something for it. ANYWAYS, love Alice’s hair from Cinema since I’m really digging the wind blown look for pictures. Also this amazing outfit from Paperdolls at The Costume Ball is so adorable for the upcoming holiday! And any of you love PXL skins? Well the Faith skin is still on sale at 25% off to all VIP’s so please hurry on over there before that sale is over! ❤

Angel Warrior In –

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