The Secrets I Keep

I was really excited to get this post done. Had help from Terrence to put the outfit together, and searched forever for this sim to take pictures on. Finally got it together and I’m dying to show y’all this outfit. I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Geek LOTD 731

The Secrets I Keep In –

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Summer Starts!

So the other day when I was on, I totally fell in LOVE with this dress. I know I say that alot, but this mesh dress and the colors are to die for! Its from AMERIE and comes in several different colors! <333

Summer Starts In –

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Blood Red

Put this outfit together a couple nights ago, but have been working so I’m finally getting it out now. Totally in LOVE with this hair! Logged on quickly to go and purchase it, been waiting for this one specifically since I saw someone put it up on Flickr! Probably one of my favorite up do’s! I really hope y’all enjoy this twist on these pants since there has been alot out blogs out on them. ❤

Blood Red In –

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Business Casual

Gotta love the prim vests, its like being able to wear multiple jacket layers on Phoenix but not really. Yeah its early and that just sounded dumb, but oh well. I hope y’all enjoy this look! ❤

Business Casual In –

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