Blacked Out Gorean

So this dress is mesh and is from AOHARU. Its not just the dress part, but attached is the turtleneck long sleeves which is just amazing for Gor. Really love this outfit right here. Comes in several different colors, and I added the Maitreya new mesh leggings underneath it for you free women! I did have to fix my alpha layer on my neck – not sure if anyone else would have that issue. The hair is new from Truth and is half mesh. Obviously the part that comes down the back and boobs are mesh which is a separate attachment then the one on the head. Well I hope you enjoy! ❤

Blacked Out Gorean In –

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Your Maid

Thanks to jillnarstrom I was able to locate this MESH skirt for you Gorean gals before time is up tomorrow since its only 25L’s!! 4 different colors, just a great item if you’re as MESH obsessed as I am! Also this new MESH top from AOHARU. I am in MESH heaven right now. <3333

Your Maid In –

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In The Swamps

I’ve been waiting and waiting for AOHARU to come out with some mesh stuff and the time if finally here. Presenting to you this super cute jacket that comes in several differen’t unique colors. Loving the details on it, also had to get yellow because I wanted to badly to wear the Briar Daisy skin! ❤

In The Swamps In –

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Farmer’s Daughter

I’ve been pondering for a while on buying these mesh overalls, but finally decided on it and put together an outfit with a twist to it. Tried the farmer’s daughter look of a bit of sultry character to it. Hopefully you can tell. ❤

Farmer’s Daughter In –

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Its Nordic Time

Just a little outfit I threw together for you cute free’s out there. I do believe all of Celoe’s items are amazing, but these shorts are great with Gor, even if frees can throw some leggings underneath. Also same thing goes for the turtleneck.

Newwww earmuffs for the winter also from BOOM! Lots and lots of colors, great mesh design with the flowers on the ears, and great textures like always! In several different colors! ❤

Its Nordic Time In –

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Sweet Blues

Another urban outfit I put together on my RPing in Crack Den. You all know my obsession with mesh and these pants and purse are just amazing. Also the skin and necklace are from The Blue Dressing Room! Great items this week there! Oh and I told you about new hair – well here is the other hair from Burley that came out. Decided to put it with the Ana bottom for more length. ❤

Sweet Blues In –

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