Relaxing Beach Day

Some more newness for y’all! Definitely loving the Burley hair since now she has made the bottom braid to be rigged mesh, then the top is resizeable so no more editing your shape! The hair is sold at the Chic2 event so don’t forget to go pick it up! Also along with this pose! And have you forgotten to do the Mesh Around hunt? Well you shouldn’t since you can pick up this amazing bench along with these earrings there! Do not hold off! Oh and did I mention these amazingggg shorts from KIM? They are mesh and are at her main store with several different colors to choose from. Totally loving them, especially the belt loops on them. The shirt I’m wearing I’ll tell a little on it, it is from Action, its mesh and has a hud to where you can choose different colors and patterns. Very cheap price for this mesh piece. Get to shopping lovely’s! ❤

Relaxing Beach Day In –

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Oh hai. So wanted to show y’all another release from Cynful. I’m a little late on the game, but catching up on some releases. Also Maitreya released these mesh jeans that are only 210L for those that are in the VIP group! They are a dirty wash, and I am really digging this color! New hair also from Truth! ❤

Simplicity In –

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Lazy Sunday’s

Sunday’s should always be lazy because I always need it before a Monday of work. Blah. So Cynful has her Eve’s skirt out in BLACK today for Lazy Sunday! I’ve loved these Eve skirts but now having it in black just goes with so many of my items. Lovin’ it.

Also this shirt is so cute and from Apple May Design. Go get it! Several different colors available.

So this will be my first post of these new amazing boots from Maitreya. Maitreya released a large amount of new mesh things yesterday and I’m just getting around to getting them out. These boots are just sex, either wear them sexy or with some jeans for lounging. <33

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Cozy Home

Went around a bunch of shops last night that I just haven’t been too in a while. Ducknipple was one, and I went hog wild. Got several different items from there to show you guys, along with going to Surf Couture and being like OH I HAVE THAT! Of course I usually blog Gorean stuff, but I wanted to put this together a bit urban because I wanted to wear these jean shorts. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy! <33

Cozy Home In –

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Your Maid

Thanks to jillnarstrom I was able to locate this MESH skirt for you Gorean gals before time is up tomorrow since its only 25L’s!! 4 different colors, just a great item if you’re as MESH obsessed as I am! Also this new MESH top from AOHARU. I am in MESH heaven right now. <3333

Your Maid In –

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I’m really starting to like Izzie’s. The tops she’s coming out with are always just so perfect for Gorean wear, or atleast I think so. Also Apple May Design is having a sale on certain packs of her skins which is one of them I have pictured below. They are 199L, and are super freakin’ cute.

Fringes In –

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Well Niv gave me the compliment of finally seeing some improvement on my clothing choices in Gor. I lawled and told him to shut his mouth, but I have been really good lately, I do gotta say. Here’s another covered picture, but you know this trend for me won’t last long! ❤

Covered In –

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Oi Panther!

GSpot my love! Got passed a new panther outfit that Jalilah put out. The details are just amazing in each piece of prims and layer. Especially the under layer. I’m gonna have to figure out how I can get away with it on Harvest! Anyways, enjoy everyone!

Oi Panther In –

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Threw something together the other day, and I haven’t had the chance to blog it. Been crazy at work lately, and having to make some real big decisions. Screw RL! LOL Anyways, I really hope y’all enjoy this look. Just feels very relaxed.

Relaxed In –

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